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Me262A1a Parts

Article about: Hi guys, I thought this might be interesting to some- it's a collection of Me262 fragments recovered from one of the Schwarzwald Waldwerke (forest assembly sites). The fellow who found them

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    Cool Willie, thanks. Usually data plates are identifiers of a particular part, so I wouldn't think that would indicate thw WNr. of the actual airplane. With the prefix 262, it suggests to me more that it's a part number specifically for the Me262- i.e., part 601.002.H004 for the Me262; I had a Revi C12D sight from a crash once that an expert friend identified for me as being from a Ju88 night fighter because it had a number painted on it that began with 088. Granted that's not quite the same thing, but it does seem likely the 262 on the plate is indicating the airplane type. Unless there was one with the WNr. 262 601 that is.

    One does see what I expect are WNr. written in grease pencil, chalk or whatever on vehicles being assembled though, so that's why I wondered if the '121' were that; since all the birds in a line being built would presumably have the same prefix numbers, only the individual number- 120, 121, 122, etc. would be necessary to write on... maybe? LOL

    I wondered about the 004 indicating the Jumo, but it's actually H004, which is a little harder to fit.
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    Hi Matt, 262 w/n 170121. call sign VL+PW, test flights on 1/9/44 by uffz heinz ordelheide at schwabisch-hall. Issued to I./KG51, then to 9./JG7 as white 7 or yellow 7. Involved in take off accident 19/1/45, port tyre burst, continued with flight burned off fuel and landed with damage to port side flap, undercarriage and engine. flown by hermann buchner on 2/2/45 from parchim, port engine overheated and port mainwheel collapsed on landing causing more port side damage. After installation of R4M rockets was test flown by fritz wendel on 4 occasions from parchim on 3 and 5 march 1945. further undercarriage problems encountered. that matt is all the info on that aircraft. w/n 111601 call sign NY+IA badly damaged 15/2/45 serving with 8./KG[J]54 B3+?S emergency landing due to pilot error at mandelfeld 20kms east of neuburg/donau. after repair was test flown by Lt hans schumacher at brandenburg-briest on 30/3/45. hope that helps a little matt, super pieces you got there, lucky man. all the best from dublin.

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    Thanks much Unfortunately I don't know if the site the bits came from is anywhere near Parchim and it is supposed to have been one of the forest assembly sites, so it would seem unlikely the 121 is a Werknummer. The same goes for the data plate number, although that was never very likely. Too bad- it'd have been pretty interesting to learn more...
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    Hi Guys,
    I recently acquired a ME 262 airframe panel from aircraft 37064 15*12 inches(pilot Helmut Lennartz ), however what I would really like to know is were about on the aircraft is it from? I've been searching all manner of ME262 photos to see any resemblance with no luck. Any how ive attached some photos to see if anyone can give some kind of a clue, the closest I've come is the underside of the aircraft. Tom ConnorsClick image for larger version. 

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