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MP40 relic?

Article about: Saw it today in an antiquities market. Asking price around 80 Euro.

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    Default MP40 relic?

    Saw it today in an antiquities market.

    Asking price around 80 Euro.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MP40 relic?  

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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    Hi Adi, it is not an MP40. I don't recognise it as anything German. I think it is a local Romanian gun, the Orita:

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    Hi Ade,

    I had my doubts too, but the seller insisted it was an MP40.

    I invite the more experienced Romanian members to share their opinion.

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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    A link from fellow member ZERO: Orita SMG Walk Around Page 1

    Thanks mate; I guess Ade was right, again.

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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    Now you could prove the seller wrong and maybe get it for cheaper It might not be an MP40, still looks good though



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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    If it ain't German, it ain't my cup of tea.

    I would rather buy 6 gas mask cans than that... thing. I see you are a gas mask guy, and I have a crush for German gas mask cans, so I think you can understand me.

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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    We all have our interests eh? I know where you are coming from with the gas mask cannisters, they are just great for so many things, especially displaying helmets



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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    that looks more like an MP-41

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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    Dang, Ade. You are good

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    Default Re: MP40 relic?

    Look at the pics posted gents, it's plainly an Orita. Doesn't matter, you'll never convince everyone.

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