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My own find

Article about: That is good news! The lorry is a Bedford and is also well worth saving! Cheers, Ade.

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    The person who first put the pictures of this jeep on this sight walked the adjoining footpath and nosed around the barns to find the vehicles. Using the footpath is lawfull but straying off and poking around is not. A few of us older vehicle restorers have known of these jeeps for at least 25 years, a friend of mine sold the airborne chassis to the farmer many years ago, he allyways said he intendes to resrore one from the two he had. We knew that this would never happen.What we did not do was to broadcast to all and sundry their location. We respected his wishes not to sell. Did the original picture poster have the good manners to go and ask the Farmer his permission to tell the world about his PRIVATE POSSESIONS. How would he like someone posting location and pictures of things he owned without his permission.

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    Well said Blackpowder, I can't believe the naivety of the guy posting these pictures broadcasting the location then leading the wolves to the lair. I know the chap who sold the chassis to the farmer originally (a brilliant engineer and jeep restorer, who could have done a first class job on its restoration, he had already re built a gearbox, which was waiting a new home) he of course was sad to see the state of the vehicle, but was in long term liaison with the farmer to acquire the jeep legitimately, all that was blown out of the water by the pricks that got their hands on it.

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    Sturmhunter, I would really like one of your world renowned photo shoots, as I have a lovely 20K Jeep, that took 5 years of massive effort to restore, plus many amazing Jeep googlies, an (Aladdin's Cave!) just waiting for your buddies, to peruse over. I can see it now, people excitedly rushing to my door, only to be greeted with, Eeeer! GET OFF MY LAND! That reminds me I must check the alarms and 'spot lights' or I too may be expecting unwanted guests on a cold dark winters evening!

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    I’ve owned 4 jeeps , 3 were WW2 and my other is an M38A1 . I still have 2 WW2 GPW's (one is restored) . My 3d GPW was found in an old Garage that was being ripped down and was in rough shape…but it was all original (even down to the Combat Wheels) and only cost me $200. It was sitting next to my cousins house for 4 years and someone came along and stole it back in 1994 …I guess there are Collectors out there who are so desperate to find WW2 items that they’ll steal what they want rather than buy it. Since it wasn’t running or registered ..there was little the Police could do.
    So ...I can understand how the Gent feels having his Jeep stolen
    I bought my first Jeep back in 1978 . It’s a 1944 GPW. I lived in Vail Co for 2 years and bought it off “Grizzly Addams” himself (an 80 year old complete with a ZZ-Top Beard and overalls) He bought it at a Gov auction back in 1946 from Camp Hale (home of the 10th Mountain)
    This old boy took the whole Jeep apart back in the 1960’s (or earlier) and was going to customize it with a V8.
    Here’s what it looked like when I found it ---
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My own find  

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    So as you can see ...there no such thing as an unrestorable Jeep. As was mentioned before ---there are many Dealers who stock original (NOS) and even repro parts incl complete Body kits. It all depends on how much you want to invest.
    Here's that same Jeep today with my 2Pdr --
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My own find   My own find  

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    Looking good dude, nice dark green paint job!

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    Thanks ...You know how people at shows always do the "Touchy Feely" thing and play with things they shouldn't ? That orig WW2 OD doesn't hold up well at all. Every fingerprint and smudge shows up so , I went with the late War 1945 OD shade instead. It lasts better for these displays.

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    hi can you send me the details of it location and current owner because if sam doesnt want it this sam certainly does! great piuc btw thatnk for the tread!

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    Its such a shame that jeep was rotting away, however this is nothing new. There have been many such stories over the years, were farmers or exocentric land owners have desirable old vehicles just laying around the place, they haven't been used in many years, but as soon as you ask is that vehicle for sale its nearly always the same reply, plus these canny old farmers types get an inflated idea of value in their heads about what that rusty old truck is worth, so even when you have convinced them to sell, they want about three times its real value, because its OLD and RARE!.
    Again there people who want there vehicle projects for free, so having been advertise I'm not surprised its gone, this happened with a Clark airfield tractor that appeared in a copy of "Wheels and Tracks" again same story, the owner would not sell, so someone took in upon themselves to make it there's anyway.

    P. S. I know were you can buy these cheap , and still in the original packing crates LOL

    P.P.S. BTW Mine was a Ford GPW Too


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    Sorry to hijack.
    Is this the myth of myths .
    There is a large field in Devon/Cornwall where the Yanks were stationed, supply depot type place, and when they left a trench was dug and into this went all the surplus vehicles including Harleys, still cased depending on who tells the tale, and anything else they couldn't be bothered to tote away.
    Or is it true?
    This holy grail was doing the MVCG circuit in the late 70's early 80's.

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