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Mystery WWII Site find

Article about: Hope I am in the right place for this ~ Any help appreciated ~ I found in a WWII AIF (Australian 2/32 -Rats of Tobruk- ) camp site ~ (Post Africa campaign and well after the unit/s returned

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    Here is an example for you.......

    The ANA is for North American Aircraft and the prefix code on the serial IDd it as from a P51B,C or D.

    Mystery WWII Site  find

    This one turned out to be made by Fairey Engineering, as denoted by the F8 inspection stamp.

    Mystery WWII Site  find

    And here is a link to some of the stamps you can find.

    Aviation Archaeology - Aircraft Inspection Stamps

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    Cheers Steve.. That would explain the comment from my latest MD mate, 'Ed' (who is ex military and logistics back ground,) who says that the straight number up front, made no sense ~

    He felt there had to be a code or such which would suggest a more direct link ~ and his comment now 'gels' with your thought!

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    Yeah. The problem with your part is, as I said, because it was interchangeable between aircraft type it may not be coded for a specific aircraft.

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    Just spent some 20 minutes i the laundry endeavouring to clean off 70 years of grunge ~ but no luck as yet to any further ID numbers or logos..

    Be sad if the ID was on the other section now MIA !!

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    Quote by AT P Sweep View Post
    ........Be sad if the ID was on the other section now MIA !!
    It's usually the way.........

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    Thats okay; as I have now followed through on some of their related parts links.. maybe I can get a lead in on the 41G--
    number (?)

    Only give it a Bash, eh ?

    Be great to positively know what plane it came from ~ ( there were P38 Lightnings base d here!)


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    Glad it worked out. Great find, congrats!

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    Well | have bought the 'piece' to work and Ed and several of the work shop crew ~ one sparkie and a spanner who are always intersted found the whole thing fascinating ~

    Mickel the spanner agrees the fragmented end has suffered severe stress, even impacting. So may well be a battle damaged piece indeed `

    But in my conversation coupled with perusing the related weapons web site that I share d as above, and the fact the 'bomb shackle" was either electrically or manually controlled ~ I now recall that the actual hole I dug also contained a length of electrical cable, typical of the period !!

    So as Robo suggested I should really go back and DIG the whole site ~ I simply figure d by the signals that the contents were "dug and dusted " ! Just maybe I have missed even more .. SO given the weather breaks over the weekend, ( as it is blowing and showering severely at the moment but the forecast says more of the same !) ~ we WILL be doing some serious sweeping of the site again ~

    Maybe the cable is attached to a Stuart tank~

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