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Nazi Aircraft Carrier Found

Article about: I think you greatly overestimate the state of airpower at the start of and early into the war-aircraft couldn't operate in bad weather, navigation was by dead reckoning, wireless communicati

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    GREAT pictures Ade....thanks for sharing them!

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    Excellent pictures!! Interesting to see that they were reconstructing the bow of the ship to the clipper style!

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    Found this in my German ship ID book
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture army display 014.jpg   army display 009.jpg  

    army display 012.jpg   army display 010.jpg  

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    The Kriegsmarine planned to turn the unfinished cruiser Seydlitz into a carrier, but was captured by the Russians

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    perhaps it may have been easily sunk by the RN, but remember, this was planned to be finished by about 1940, and because of U-boots having priority it was never finnished, however, documents have been found that the Graf Zeppelin would have been equipped with Ju-87s and ME-109s, fitted for carriers. compared to the "Stringbags" and Gladiators of the RN. In the early period, the Graf Zeppelin could have been very dangerous. As for the RN sinking it, it may have been rather difficult. the ME-109s could easily handle the bi-planes, and if naval vessels attempted an attack, the Ju-87s could have decimated them, as their high angle of dive would be at a too high angle for AA guns when they are over the war ship. thank god it wasn't completed.

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    Carriers can't operate in war time without a good escort screen and in the early period of the war, and especially after Narvik, the Kriegsmarine lacked the numbers of ocean going escorts, i.e. destroyers, as well as an effective supply train. As for her sinking and the protection from her aircraft, they would of been no use if the RN had conducted a surface night attack, or an attack in very rough weather when carrier aircraft couldn't of been launched, and they were no defence from a submarine attack. And carriers can only carry so many aircraft and they can't stay in the air forever; her original air wing was planned to consist of 20 Bi-plane torpedo bombers/scouts, 10 Me-109T & 13 Ju-87's which was changed to 30 Me-109T's & 12 Ju-87's - 12 Stukas are not going to decimate anything especially in the face of Allied fighters and while the 10 (or 30) Me-109's would of provided some degree of protection for the Stukas alot of them would of been needed to protect the carrier from the Allied counter-air strikes. Weight of numbers alone would of seen the Graf Zeppelin go the same way as most of the other Kriegsmarine heavy units. But it is all What if's.

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    Here is a nice sonar photo of the ship.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture grafzwreck.JPG  

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    I don't think it would have been sunk that quickly, look at the luftwaffes saga claiming to have sunk the carrier HMS Couragous before it was finally sunk by a uboot. Look at the Bismark saga, it almost got back to port but for the final rudder damage. Its presence in the Atlantic caused consternation alarm and despondancy among the Royal Navy and it was only by luck that the German battle group was spotted. That the German battle group could turn at bay and inflict casualties on the Home Fleet was shown by the Hood incident. Imagine more what would have been the result if this carrier had been with the German battle group and its BF109's could have kept the Swordfish away, then what would have happened to the convoy system supplying Britain.
    Finally the Tirpitz was sunk by the RAF using tallboys after many unsucessful attempts, its mere present in Norways waters caused a large part of the British fleet to be kept in Scapa Flow just incase. The damage that these capital ships could cause was evidenced by convoy p17. With this carrier perhaps there could have been a Doolittle over New York, where would the war have gone then?

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