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NEW MEMBER! B17 crash parts identification.....

Article about: The aircraft in question here appears not to be 44-6005 but B-17G 44-8639 of the 351st BG based at Polebrook, Northamptonshire. The aircraft was trying to get in at RAF Valley but was told t

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    Default Re: NEW MEMBER! B17 crash parts identification.....

    That's most unlike Greg! I've delt with him loads over the last couple of years and he allways pays for shipping and replies to any emails.
    Do you have his email address? If not pm me and I will send it to you.


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    Default Re: NEW MEMBER! B17 crash parts identification.....

    Hi. I have an email addy but it may not be the right one. I'm less worried about the postage and more worried about Gregs safety as he hasn't logged in for a while either.

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    Looks like the parts have gone and so has my money. HAPPY CHRISTMAS GREG

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    He has been selling a lot of b17 parts on ebay lately so he hasn't disappeared off the planet compleatly.

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    Well he is ignoring me in that case, do you have his ebay ID?

    As for selling B17 parts... I thought he had a museum for B17 parts, i.e the plan was to keep them, not sell them!

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    I think he was buying them to display but he had a very wealthy sponsor who has died and so has brought the project to a standstill and by the looks of it has made him sell it all off. I will pm you his ebay name. I've just had a look and he doesn't have anything for sale at the moment so he may have got rid of it all.

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    Hi Tim

    Sorry to hear you had a problem. I hope you can get in touch with B17rescue..... I'm afraid i've nevr met him so can't help.

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    Hi again Elliott! I suppose I should just class this as a "stupid tax" and move on. It's pretty annoying though.

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    It's not your fault Tim! I think for sonething like this to happen is pretty unusual. If your bits have been sold on - that's low.

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    B17 Rescue has been replying to my messages on ebay, so i'm hoping for some sort of resolution.

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