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Normandy visit

Article about: A few of the museum at Utah beach; And lastly for now the memorial stone at Villers Bocage, very little evidence remains of the battle in the town, the only thing we could find was a few fil

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    Ah, very nice, woke up old memories (2 years :P)

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    Quote by stefano34 View Post
    We saw this at Grandcamp battery but whastever it said in German? has been overpainted/whitewashed out...
    Hey Stefano,
    Just been catching up on this thread, the writing on the wall is not greman but postwar graffiti in french, the upper word sais "Je t'aime"(I love you)and just below "Jammais"(never) the rest I can't make out.
    A lot of those bunkers were used by the local kids or the gay community(Mere-ville france-ville Battery had a very bad reputation 15 or more years a go)to "express" their feelings or art. Just plain vandalism and loads of "male" fun if you ask me.
    A lot has changed in the past 10years and most of the bunkers are been restored for the booming tourisme bussines.

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    Great photos!

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