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Normandy visit

Article about: A few of the museum at Utah beach; And lastly for now the memorial stone at Villers Bocage, very little evidence remains of the battle in the town, the only thing we could find was a few fil

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    Default Normandy visit

    Ok I need to get thgis out of the way first...just spent a week in FRance in Basse Normandy, visited all over Normandy so Villers -Bocage, St Mer Eglise, Utah beach, Omaha Beach, Point Du Hoc, Maissy Batterie, and a few others I foget.../so firstly the only find I/we made was one lump of shrapnel near the Maissy Battery and a shotgun case on Utah beach.
    Firtsly the wife found the shotgun cartridge and made a big song and dance about it...I dont reckon its WW2 vintage but hey what do I know.

    Its marked Winchester and has a big A on it and within that a P? 200 al;so 70 or 78mm? I think its a 12 bore/gauge...I know they used pump actions in WW1 and Vietnam but did they in WW2?
    I'll poost photo's of sites visited later as there's about 100 photo's to crop and fiddle with!

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    Shotguns were used in WW2 by US forces, sorry but I don't think this is WW2 vintage either.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    I am afraid I don't think it is WW2 vintage either. This type of plastic cased cartridge were introduced well after the end of the war.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    Ok guys cheers for that, still got these though first up a house wall in Carentan, you can still see the 'spang' marks;

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    The famous paratrooper on the church in St Mer Eglise;

    and the window of a shop with a few'local' finds;

    and a few in the very good Airborne museum again in St Mer Eglise;

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    This was used for hunting sorry.

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    more inside the museum 7 Euro entrance so pretty decent;

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    and again but this time in the indoor Dakota and para full size diorama;

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    there was also an indoor glider diorama again full size with loads of stuff in glass cases but photos weren't good due to glass and I couldn't /wouldn't use flash as I didn't want to fade things.
    Here are a few of the bits and pieces at the gun battery at Grandcamp Maisy;

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    Default Re: Normandy visit

    And of the battery buildings themselves which apparently lay buried overgrown and forgotten until fairly recently,

    one of a SFH 18? gun, pretty sure it's not original to its base but they were found local to the site and there are 5 of them;

    One of the bases of the original gun mantlets;

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