I have good memories of STANTA too. I used to be a Photographer who did work for 16 Air Assault Brigade, 4 REGT AAC and others for a while. When I wasn't 'on task', I was off touring the area photographing the remains of military vehicles, helos, the Canberra at FIBUA and various other bits of 'antique' debris scattered around.

The exercises I used to photograph were back in the 'Gryphon's........' and 'Eagle.......' era when most of them were hypothetical peacekeeping exercises. When things got more serious with the 'Telic.....' and 'Herrick......' etc exercises, I decided to pack it in. I began to question whether my presence as a Photographer there may have been a distraction to some of the younger guys, when they were learning skills that they may later have to rely on to save their lives out in Afghan etc.

I had some great times and consider myself to have been privileged as a civilian to have access to so many military units. Not many civvies have stood on Watton DZ with SBS and SEALS waiting to be picked up by a 67 SOS Herc to go 'upstairs' for another HALO or nearly fallen out of the side door of a Lynx when my seatbelt came undone over Snowdon!

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