Hi Folks , nice to be here
I was wanting to know if anyone could help with a small aluminium tube I found whilst metal detecting a known crash site , close to my home!
I had for years been aware of a crash site there ,and as a member of a recovery group ,well used to getting permission to have a recce over suitable crash sites ,(with a view sometimes to have a properly licensed dig at some point)
So on Sunday ,in a rush ,I went of in the lovely sun and spent an hour and a half combing the most likely area that was bang on the map reference given by the American authority of the time .( i know the farmers personally )
I only found one piece of aluminium ,a small tube 13 ml wide on the outside and 8 ml in the centre , so a 2 -3 ml wall , about 3 inches long!
Smooth ends , but 2 small chunks out of either end .

I had to go home soon after I found it , because the farmers had been fetching the cows up ,and I was in the way !!! Pitot tube has been suggested and I admit it did cross my mind .
Does anyone know if that size of tube might correspond to known pitot tube sizes ??
Apologies for anyone who has seen me post this elsewhere!
Thanks for looking .