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Pak 40

Article about: I have a mudy PAK 40. What is average price of medium rusty PAk 40? How to get best price? Pls help me.

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    You need a crane with a pulling power of the weight of the gun plus all the silt on it. And you need to get the crane to the site. Then you need a truck to transport it on. Maybe contact a collector to help finance the retrieval of the gun?

    Good luck!

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    I am interested to buy this pak. You can contact me:

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    I would appreciate some help in trying to find some missing parts for my Pak40 restoration. I mainly need Breech area parts, and the balance sprigs/teloscopics.

    Also Im trying to date the Gun, and find out what the bsw ordnance code on the carriage, and the ebt ordnance code on the cradle refer to. The gun barrel itself is a Rheinmetal Borsig product from the Tegel plant in Berlin.

    Any help appreciated

    Thanks a lot

    Duncan Nicholson
    Tanksforsale Home Page

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    bsw was Ardeltwerke, Maschinenfabrik, Eberswalde and ebt was Schilde, Benno, Maschinenbau A. -G., Hersfeld Bez. Kassel

    Oh and it's Waffenamt, not Waffen Ampt- one word, no 'p'
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Hi Thanks a lot for that
    Any idea how to date the gun?

    ps Spelling was never (is) my strong point! (dont know what is come to that!)


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    Sorry, no- I'd be surprised if there isn't a date stamp on it somewhere since even small arms had dates put on them. I'm not familiar enough with the gun to recognize any small modifications that might offer a clue- hopefully someone else will

    And it's a German word- foreign language spelling is even tougher
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Hi Duncan
    I have some NOS Pak 40 parts, firing pin, safety lever, recoil piston and a couple of other small pieces.
    I am pretty sure they are all Pak 40 but I'm no expert.
    They were all bought from a museum in the Bastogne area, all are in unused condition, I will post pictures if you are interested.
    Would rather trade against 2cm Flak38 gun parts, barrel etc.
    United Kingdom

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    na, tai kur tas tavo pakas?

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    Looking forward to pics of the PAK

    Would be great with some pics of retrieving the PAK as well.

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