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Panther tank recovered by Army

Article about: Has anyone seen this?? A 78 year old pensioner in Germany had some items squirreled away on his property including an intact Panther. The tank has been seized along with an anti-tank gun and

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    Any news as what has happened to all that impounded hardware?

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    Any news ? One year....
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    Seized ? My word is stole...

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    I'd get a good lawyer and sue to reclaim the property!

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    I think there is two problems : the Panther and the money in Swiss !
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Fascinating to read this article, a terrible shame that these historical pieces should be taken away, I hope at some point he is reunited with them, does seem an expensive, 'over the top', way of 'debt collecting' on the part of the government.

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    The reason this was seine originally was because the owner had also items of stolen art whose owners had likely perished in the death camps. Therefore even though the panther had been legitimately imported from Uk to Germany and restored this vehicle and other items in Herr Flicks collection are then tarnished by this awkward part of German history. Hopefully it will get into a museum, and not cut into pieces...

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    How about giving it back to him ? Their giving the art back to the owners....

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