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Panzer 4 for sale in Finland

Article about: Anyone want to buy a Panzer 4 ? Annoyed from this ads?

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    Sorry, for me it looks like artificial rust and toolmarks all over it. Total mock-up

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    Sold for 213 150 someone really wanted it crazy

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    I just look it too, unbelievable!!!!
    Interesting to see where it goes..

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    Hi Kradman, sorry but it sold for 213,150.00 ? If so yes crazy.
    Regards SK
    Regards SK

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    Can someone upload the pics on the forum instead of the link? The pics should be kept here and after the link vanishes... I can't see them so can't upload them!

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    MORE than a quarter of a million US dollars for some 15 tons of "history" that doesn't have a damaged section to it ( and post war damage at that )

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1643701.jpeg   1643704.jpeg  

    1643705.jpeg   1643707.jpeg  

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    wonder how intact it was before all the post war damage

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    the only problem was my room space

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    Good luck to the buyer...his missus will have 'im (she wanted a Porsche)...
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    A tube of simi chrome and Renwax...with a little elbow grease will return it to a near mint lustre
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