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Parts from a B-25 crashsite. Need some help.

Article about: Dear Friends, I would like to ask some help. I found these debris on the crashsite of a B-25. I would like to get answers for two questions: 1 – Is it possible to identify the plane with tho

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    The prefix 62B is also from a B25, specifically a B25B. However, many parts were interchangeable between types so this isn't surprising. Due to the majority showing the 82 prefix, I'd go for a B25C.

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    The last part is a piece of the rudder trim wheel from the cockpit. I'll try and find a picture.
    Page 24 of the manual here:
    An American plane, flown by Russians, crashed in Hungary. It truly was a world war.

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    equal serves to tell the unit to which belonged

    lotnisko = airport okres=period jednostka=unit

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the replies and help for all of You. Yes, I know I should find that serial number, which was on the tail or data plates. Unfortunately, I have not found it yet. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any photo in the archives or at local peoples. Since that night only two Soviet B-25s crashed, we should separate the two aircrafts. Cooperating with the Russian historians we know the planes serial numbers, and theirs engine serial numbers, and we know the names of the crews. But they have been buried as „Unknown Soviet Flyers” so they rest under this same „identification”. We would like to give their names „back”, therefore we would need to identify one of the planes.
    One of the B-25 was a B-25C-15-NA, while the other plane was a B-25DP-30-NC.
    I made almost a hunderd photos of the debris, but only those parts have numbers or any other special charasteristic, that I uploaded.
    Do I upload another pictures? Would it be useful to answer some question?



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    knowing the models could try to identify whether it is one or the other by the difference in this configuration

    Interview with Aleksandr Vasylyevich Dudakov,Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of aviation

    — Was B-25 equipped with American guns?

    Yes, American and very good too. At first we had B-25C. It was the same airplane as C, D or G, but C had the following armament layout: lower extendable turret with two large caliber machine guns, upper turret with two .50 caliber machine guns. I have to say it – good guns.

    — What about four machine guns operated by a pilot and a gun in the nose for navigator?

    Not on every plane. Most commonly there was only one gun for navigator in the nose.
    When we started flying, it became clear that the lower turret was completely blind, and useless. We asked to move the guns to the tail. Americans reacted quickly, next type – D had a machine gun in the tail. (Version D-25 and D-30 were equipped with such gun arrangement)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote by Steve T View Post
    What I can tell you is that your part numbers do indeed relate to a B25, specifically a B25C. The prefix codes 82,90,93,94,96 are all from this aircraft type. Let me have a good look at some of your other pictures to see if there is anything that may lead to a specific aircraft, but it's a long shot!

    Hope that little bit helps for now.
    Hi Steve,

    I enclose some other pictures. Among of the debris you will see a small part of the instrument panel, and the dial of the main fuel tanks gauge instrument.
    You have written that these parts belonged to a B-25C probably. What is your opinion? Could it be belonged to a "D" version? It is a very important question. Thank you very much for your ansver andf help in advance.


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    Some more pictures. Maybe these give some more information.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 44_3_.jpg   09_.jpg  

    10_.jpg   11_.jpg  

    12_.jpg   13_.jpg  

    14_.jpg   15_.jpg  

    16_.jpg   17_.jpg  

    19_1.jpg   19_2_.jpg  

    21.jpg   22.jpg  

    43_1_.jpg   43_2_.jpg  

    43_3_.jpg   44_1_.jpg  


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    Dear Friends!

    I have found the data plate of the anti icer pump. Whether, could be made an identification of the serial number of the B-25 from the pump’s serial number? Is there any database where has been documented which particular Mitchell got this particular pump? Ex North Amrican Aviation? Or Boeing?
    We know: only two B-25s can be considered, which serial numbers we know.

    Could someone help me in this?

    Many thanks in advance.


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