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plane crash site

Article about: hi all could really do with some help on this one this is the second forum i have tried!. This all started many years ago whilst out with my metal detector on coast near were i live. I disco

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    Well first off many thanks guys for all the replies we might just be getting somewhere. Right all these finds have come from a very small area about 15 meters square the whole area is covered with detector hits all the items are showing damage the Altimeter was pretty unrecognizable though in the middle of what is left of the dial you can make out A.L.T and Mkvii and 6a/158. This morning i went back to my finds box and cleaned the last few bits that i brought back after my last trip there and would you believe it i have found some items with numbers!!. the first looks to me like it could be part of a bearing it must be made out of some very good metal as its not rusted it was covered in crud and on its edge in a small circle is stamped 135 the brass oil line fitting is next now this is were it might get interesting because i can make out Bl288 and below it in a small circle are two overlapping capital R's under that is a number 6138 now correct me if i am wrong but two capital R's must mean rolls Royce??? the oil fitting does have a piece of stainless lock wire around it

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    I will make sure i get back there in a couple of weeks time and this time i shall take a big bag with me so i can bring back more bits

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