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Please tell me these are aircraft pieces?

Article about: by cornishboy These are awsome finds,well done Bratacas for recovering them.Looking forward to seeing what the experts think the aircraft involved are the first object shown in todays pics o

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    Adjustable seat mounting base.

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    Quote by NickW View Post
    Adjustable seat mounting base.
    how do you know for certain? does seem very likely though, heres the other part I found roughly same area, strange how this part is much heavier than the other geodetic parts I have in comparison,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture GOPR0619.jpg   GOPR0618.jpg  

    GOPR0629.jpg   GOPR0620.jpg  

    GOPR0626.jpg   GOPR0627.jpg  


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    on second thought I dont think the bodywork piece is wellington, Ive cleaned a little and found 2 serials "BZ9 Y8?6?B?0?53" and below it "25529 1077" how can I clean off this black sea salt? I see a circular stamp but the black "paint" is blocking what it says.

    edit: im starting to think the specific piece is from a Warwick...
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    found this heavy long piece today, I dunno if its aircraft related or not? was found at the same stretch of beach but further away near the dallachy ww2 airfield, reminds me of the tail gunners gun but I doubt its that, just getting my hopes up too much, kinda thought it was an undercarriage leg but then again probably not ill brace myself for someone posting "agricultural equipment
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC_1545.jpg   DSC_1537.jpg  

    DSC_1538.jpg   DSC_1539.jpg  

    DSC_1540.jpg   DSC_1541.jpg  

    DSC_1542.jpg   DSC_1544.jpg  

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    Motorcycle front forks

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    damn of course they are, I must be blind thanks how awkward

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    found a tiny panel today at dallachy coast beach/spey bay, has lots of serials so I assume its off an aircraft? cant find my wd40 so I cant spray it see the serials clearer, I can make out "1134 V03" "CH - 09 - 2274 - |" "B J/300" and bottom half has "1500" and "1.35" shoe for comparison size, also found a weird tube with electrical wiring and holes for something, I keep finding these things washed up on the beach very near old airfields, flare launcher(?)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC_2801.jpg   DSC_2897.jpg  

    DSC_2898.jpg   DSC_2798.jpg  

    DSC_2799.jpg   DSC_2800.jpg  

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    Id guess the tube thing is a Sonar Buoy dropped from an aircraft.
    Cheers Gary

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    found this on the beach today exact same place where I find wellington parts, thought it was just a dull bit of metal before noticing the stamp serial on it, theres a circular stamp too but half of it is missing has "SFB 709" on it, probably had more but too damaged to see the rest, similar stamp to the pegasus engine part I found which also has SFB on it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture IMG_20160404_170431.jpg   DSC_2961.jpg  

    DSC_2960.jpg   DSC_2959.jpg  

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    Also found this today, 1 of them, the other I found months ago washed up in the exact same spot, again same place where I find the wellington parts, creepy, both parts are the same part, exact same size and shape etc, anyone know what these are? one has turned turquoise blue type colour where as the better conditioned one is only a little bit turquoise, why has it turned this colour?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC_2977.jpg   DSC_2966.jpg  

    DSC_2967.jpg   DSC_2968.jpg  

    DSC_2969.jpg   DSC_2970.jpg  

    DSC_2971.jpg   DSC_2972.jpg  

    DSC_2973.jpg   DSC_2974.jpg  

    DSC_2975.jpg   DSC_2976.jpg  

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