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Please tell me these are aircraft pieces?

Article about: by cornishboy These are awsome finds,well done Bratacas for recovering them.Looking forward to seeing what the experts think the aircraft involved are the first object shown in todays pics o

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    Default Re: Please tell me these are aircraft pieces?

    Is this the chrome trim?? Looks like a Riley Kestrel

    70k-Mile NZ Import: 1966 Riley Kestrel Survivor

    Tried to add the picture but cant get it to load.


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    finally got a chance to return and got some great pieces, with lots of writing on one piece, my cameraphone is junk so I wrote what the writing is on one of the pieces but the other piece on the flip switch says "PU" but half of it is missing so it must be PULL or PUSH, what are these three pieces? quite excited about these finds just hoping someone can ID them, they are roughly same area I find the wellington parts etc that get washed up.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture P041013_17.30_[02].jpg   P041013_17.22.jpg  

    P041013_17.28_[01]2222.JPG   P041013_17.30_[01].jpg  

    P041013_17.30.jpg   P041013_17.29_[02].jpg  

    P041013_17.29_[01].jpg   P041013_17.29.jpg  

    P041013_17.28_[03].jpg   P041013_17.28_[02].jpg  

    P041013_17.28_[01].jpg   P041013_17.28.jpg  

    P041013_17.27_[02].jpg   P041013_17.27_[01].jpg  

    P041013_17.27.jpg   P041013_17.26.jpg  

    P041013_17.25_[01].jpg   P041013_17.25.jpg  

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    You've got some more Welly parts there. The section with PU on it is a catch to open a panel and would have said PUSH because you push in the little lever in, as in the first photo of it, this releases the big lever which you pull and this unlock the catch which is the steel bit behind. I'm torn between this being Welly and Tornado. The ally looks Welly but the catch looks Tornado and I've got some Titanium parts from a Tornado, found in the same area which crashed about 2 miles North of the Wellington.

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    I found something else today which I fear is a motor vehicle piece but not sure, I took it with me just incase, closer inspection I noticed a lot of stamps and serials on it "SR45447/1" and underneath that serial says "NO 653" and to the right 2 oval circle engraving with "G4I/S" in one and other below is half faded so it looks like "00o" and otherside of those stamps it says "NO29" military aircraft related? kinda reminds me of an exhaust or engine component(?)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture P161013_15.39.jpg   P161013_15.38.jpg  


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    Again it looks Tornado fuel pipe.

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    Hi all, a workmate I spoke to last week says he goes for a walk sometimes at the area I find aircraft bits and he says to me he found a piece himself that still had all its green paint on it, says he kicked it as it was just on the path and had no interest for relics etc so I asked if he sees it again to collect it and id happily take it off him, few days ago he got it and now it is added to my collection. Still has all the original green paint on both sides, and luckily theres a serial number on the silver bit "121E23 756 06 2" there may be numbers/letters missing due to the damage and missing bits, anyone an idea what aircraft this may be from?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC_1001.jpg   DSC_1000.jpg  

    DSC_0999.jpg   DSC_0998.jpg  

    DSC_0997.jpg   DSC_0996.jpg  

    DSC_0995.jpg   DSC_0994.jpg  

    DSC_0993.jpg   DSC_0992.jpg  

    DSC_0991.jpg   DSC_1002.jpg  

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    I would say its post war, possibly jet Aircraft, judging by the construction of the panel ( its one piece acid etched, not laminated, and it has PRC (rubber sealant) around the edge.
    Had a look through my Aircraft numbers and 121E comes up as blank....
    Sorry cant be more specific

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    121E = Jaguar

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    I also have some parts probably from the same aircraft, I had assumed they were Tornado but they could well be Jaguar. I'll have to check for numbers.

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    And as if by magic:

    During its role as a type conversion training aircraft, this Jaguar been flown by pilots from Kuwait, Ecuador and other countries.

    At the time of the accident SEPECAT Jaguar XX137/A was on a training exercise with No. 226 Operational Conversion Unit RAF.

    During the flight, the aircraft developed a fuel leak. Apparently, this was caused by a fault in the low pressure system. Consequently, the Jaguar ran out of fuel and crashed into the Moray Firth near Milltown (map).

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