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polish tank recovery

Article about: Hello everyone, I have been made aware of a sunken German tank in a lake in the north east of Poland. I was wondering if anyone knows what sort of steps i need to take before i can recover i

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    Hi eddy8men,

    this tank recovery project of yours sounds like a brilliant idea, I’m a young hands on military enthusiast especially interested in aircraft and tanks and have little knowledge to offer however I am a padi certified diver (to 15 meters) and I would love to help in anyway I could with this project especially the recover and restoration side (if it reaches that point)

    Regards Mad_ideas

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    ok thanks mad ideas. if it all pans out i'll need a diver, i was gonna buy some scuba gear off ebay and just have a go at it myself,but if your willing to help then brilliant, let's make it happen.i just hope there's something there. but then there's only one way to find out.i won't know much more until marek goes back to poland at xmas and can speak to his grandfather properly but i'll keep everyone posted.thanks again mate eddy

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    Quote by eddy8men View Post
    thanks for researching the jagdpanzer paul. ok,so not much tank left,that's disappionting ,but still it would be nice to see it and even better to drag it out. maybe that's a good thing, if it's only scrap i might not have a problem with the officials if i want to take it ,might look nice on the wall at home.thanks again eddy

    Yep, the Jagd was heavily damaged, and when the workers were building a bridge they used it as a reinforcement of the structure. Recover these parts is uneconomical because the bridge must be repaired after all.
    For all money invest there you probably could buy the entire hull of Jagdpanzer from Bulgaria.
    Of course, if they decide to sell tanks


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    again thank you paul,i appreciate your efforts with regard to the probably would be more effort than it's worth,i'll visit the site anyway and post some photo's out of interest if nothing else.dzeikuje eddy

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    This isn't so that no one interested in this barrel.
    Guys are "fighting" with the officials and waiting for the moment when the street and the bridge will be repaired...


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    hi guys just to let you know i've not given up and i'm looking for a sidescan sonar.i plan to drive to poland with my boat and sonar equipment and potter around the lakes and see what comes up.cheers eddy

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    sound like a plan, good luck let us know how it goes, and keep a look out for any aircraft as well if possible !!

    regards Mad_ideas

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    Hi F35fjs,
    Hi Paul,

    Yes here we meet again....
    you claim that a foreigner can't export something that was found in Polish soil/lake or whatever did the Polish found Panther end up in Littlefields collection then ?....
    So there is always a way that is called "money" I guess


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    Hi Bullitt

    Smal world

    Quote by bullitt View Post
    how did the Polish found Panther end up in Littlefields collection then ?....
    The Panther has been illegally exported from Poland.


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    Default Re: polish tank recovery

    by the way guys i have not given up. i'm a stubborn bastard and like to see things through.i got my sidescan sonar on monday, i've also heard of another sunken tank although this one is russian but beggars can't be choosers. i've also been busy here in the uk got my eye on a churchill or two ,found six churchills and an m10 on warcop range got the pictures as well before the wardens chased me off will post them tomorrow.cheers eddy

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