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polish tank recovery

Article about: Hello everyone, I have been made aware of a sunken German tank in a lake in the north east of Poland. I was wondering if anyone knows what sort of steps i need to take before i can recover i

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    well done on the side scan sonar where did that come from if you dont mind me asking? and just to reitterate i would love to help you with any recovery or restoration project you under take
    regards Mad_ideas

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    hi i bought the tow fish and cable from a guy on ebay for 55 i'm hoping i can send it off to get a head unit for it. preferably second hand.if it's a dud i might have to bite the bullet and spend 2000 on a new starfish sonar,but hey it's only money.don't worry i'll give you a shout when i drive to poland ,yes i'm going to drive there and leave the gear over there so i can fly out any time and carry on where i left off.i'm also looking over here for some armour from ww2 there's loads about on the ranges look for my posts later on m10 and churchills that i've found.all the best eddy

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    Eddy! You sound crackers! but I like your drive, I remember the Warcop Churchills (beautiful range that) Theres a T34 in the Catterick FIBUA and I hear a range in North Norfolk is being closed soon so who knows what that may have???

    Best of British luck, and save me a T34 if you find a dozzen or so.


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    I have heard, for years, that Hitler's flying saucers are under the South Pole. Perhaps that would be a good excavation project.

    Bob Hritz

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    Quote by eddy8men View Post
    going to try the polish embassy in london for advice i'll let you know the outcome
    Hello sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It is actually illegal to remove items from Poland that are of historicalor cultural importance i cant remember the cut off date but its certainly after 1945 the date of the tank. You will not get permsission that can or would be ratified if you are caught. This will be an illegal act as defined by the state you run the risk of prosecution and imprisonment if you do. Go onto the Polish militaria forum and ask the moderators they will tell you the same. They are very strict on this law.

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    I am closing this thread. The good name of the forum has to be considered here. I do not condone Law breaking or being seen to encourage people to do so.

    The Polish members here have offered good sound accurate advice.

    Cheers, Ade.

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