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Port Nicholson treasure

Article about: Thought this site was about being social and getting to know other members? Guess I was wrong

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    Default Port Nicholson treasure

    Have been keeping up with latest news on Port Nicholson torpedoed by U Boat of Cape Cod Ma. Salvage ship left April 9 from Boston Ma. to wreck site to attempt to retrieve gold and platinum ingots at a depth of 700 feet. Will keep members informed if any valuable metals are retrieved. Could be worth billions.

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    I believe I read about this a while ago

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    Wait a second your going to explore the wreck? If so if you find some feel free to spread the wealth!!!

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    LOL I wish to hell it was me exploring that wreck Mr. Mosel. The salvage team is from Maine and if you Google up the latest news on the Port Nicholson you will be able to see film clips of a mini sub exploring boxes thought to contain the ingots. Each member of the crew can expect to walk away with millions if this proves true. The ingots were suppose to be payment from Russia for payment of war goods I understand. I thought these war items given to Russia were under Lend-Lease. Latest report I saw was dated April 9 2012. Will keep checking for forum members as this could be most valuable find ever. I imagine the captain had to secure rights to wreck recovery as to everyone will have there hand out for a slice of the pie. I too wish I could a couple of those ingots to finance new Dodge Challenger R/T. Will keep you guys posted.

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    SRT ! Lol

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    You got me there Chilsam. LOL Had an original R/T back in 72. Paid $2400 for a 70 back then. Love the SRT but at $45000 its a bit much. Anyway keep checking for new news on Port N. but cannot find new info on line .Will keep checking though. Not far from me near Cape Cod.

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    YA I know they think they are made of GOLD or sumpn ! I'm a Super Bee man 70 to be exact,being my favorite year.I've read that they are going to drop the challenger name and put the CUDA' badge on it ? I'll keep an eye on this thread .I LUV this SITE!

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    Ah ha! At last militaria and muscle cars, I knew this forum would realise the connection. 67 427 vette and 68 428 cougar.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Port Nicholson treasure   Port Nicholson treasure  

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    SWEET! C U have your MASTER MECHANIC helpn out!

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    Can we stay on topic please guys. It's nice to hear about your cars and to see such a young boy getting involved in working on them but we're meant to be a military forum !

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