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Prinz Eugen

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    Default Prinz Eugen

    hi all noticed a uboat shown on another thread and thought id add that Prinz Eugen is also visible on google earth in Kwajalein coordinates are 8DEGS,45'07.98n and 167deg40'58.95E ELAVATION -2 FT

    Also at Tyneham, Dorset, just outside the village it looks like the old range tanks are still in situ.

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    any chance of a more precise location on the range wrecks outside the village i cant seem to find them!
    kind regards Mad.ideas

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    can you post a link

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    i used google earth but just below the village on the right is a field wirth several square shapes i know they were tanks when i visited bk as a kid

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    50 deg37'20.n
    N and 2deg 10'04.79"W THREE SQUARES IN A FIELD NO SUPER IMAGES RELYING ON MY VISIT SOME TIME BACK ,Tyneham is a ghost town thats kept like it was around www2 and preserved this area is mod range location so depends on fire days as to if you can visit this little town

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    Do you mean these?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Prinz Eugen  

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    If you go to 3337.1629N 1020.0500E you can clearly see the remains of the Mareth Line...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Prinz Eugen  

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    hucks yeah thats them if u notice they are boxlike and have shadows and the location is definately correct from my visit

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    Can you remember what types they were/are?

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    Default Re: Prinz Eugen

    sorry hucks i dont have a clue i was about 13 at the time and couldnt get close to them but i do know one guy managed to find and salvage two jagdpanthers from an army range hes fully restored one of them amazing considering how wrecked they were i think the site is called skdfz251 or something like that

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