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Rare Do 17 discovered off Kent Coast

Article about: Uggg....You's answered my questions. I guess it's a good thing the RAF has some common sense. Thanks for the information. Ron

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    I would love to see the pictures when she is raised.

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    Does anyone know what timescale or approximately when the unique remains will be recovered? Hopefuly before any more items get pillaged, wouldn it be nice to find a short Sterling in similar condition, not many big bits of those either. Thanks for posting that info Andrew, its answered quite a few queries as to how intact it is.

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    We could raise the Arizona but we don't because it is a tomb for a lot of brave sailors.The aircraft is no different I think grave sites should be left alone

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    amazning what modern sonar brings up these days , cheers ade

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    There is a Short Stirling that has been found in the Channel last I heard they were tring to raise funding for a recovery.

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    Thanks for the information Swiss76! It adds a lot to Ades picture and the imagination. Ron

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    From the Official RAF Website:

    The twin-engined Dornier 17 was shot down over Goodwin Sands, near Deal, during the Battle of Britain.

    The Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum said it had worked with Wessex Archaeology to survey the site since the bomber emerged from the sands two years ago.

    It will go on display at the RAF Museum Hendon in London, once it has been recovered.

    A spokeswoman for the RAF said the aircraft was part of an enemy formation which was attempting to attack airfields in Essex when it was intercepted on 26 August 1940.

    'Unprecedented survivor'

    The bomber's pilot, Willi Effmert, carried out a successful wheels-up landing on Goodwin Sands but the plane sank.

    Mr Effmert and another crew member were captured but two other men died. Their bodies later washing up on the shore.

    The aircraft, nicknamed the flying pencil, is said to be largely intact with its main undercarriage tyres inflated, a full bomb load and its propellers showing crash damage.

    Air Vice-Marshal Peter Dye, director general of the RAF Museum, said: "The discovery of the Dornier is of national and international importance.

    "The aircraft is a unique and unprecedented survivor from the Battle of Britain.
    Underwater scan of the Dornier 17 on Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast The twin-engined German wartime bomber is said to be fully intact, although Sport Divers have unfortunately stolen some of the machine guns over the years.

    "It is particularly significant because, as a bomber, it formed the heart of the Luftwaffe assault and the subsequent Blitz, and it is the only known survivor in the world"

    He added: "The Dornier will provide an evocative and moving exhibit that will allow the museum to present the wider story of the Battle of Britain and highlight the sacrifices made by the young men of both air forces and from many nations."

    Work to prepare the Dornier for display at the Battle of Britain Beacon project will be carried out at the RAF Museum's conservation centre at RAF Cosford, Shropshire.

    The museum, with the support of English Heritage and the Ministry of Defence, is drawing up a plan to recover the aircraft.

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    Out of curiosity, was it legal to take the guns by those 'sports' divers? If so, what are the legalities involved? Do they have to be dewatted even though they have been lying in the water all these yrs. Ron

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    Well under British Law, (aircraft is in British Waters), then it would be as they are classed as illegal firearms, regardless of how useless they might be after being in the water for 70 years. My father found this out when his Diving Club recovered a Mk II Spitfire in the 1980's, and the Police DESTROYED all 8 of the .303 Browning Machine Guns!! Was abit over the top!

    But more importantly under British Law: All crashed enemy aircraft and their equipment, lying within the United Kingdom, are regarded as captured enemy property which has been surrendered to the Crown. Ownership belongs to the Ministry of Defence (RAF).

    At least the RAF will do the right thing and restore it and put it on public display rather than go to some collector to be locked away.
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    In the UK a relic weapon can be classed as deactivated by virtue of the fact it is rusted or damaged beyond use and can't be readily repaired, i.e. by replacing a bent barrel. Unfortunatly, it would be upto a court (If it came to this) to decide if a weapon could be classed as deactivated due to it being a relic. Thats why in the UK we have the proof house checks. If one of the proof houses have checked and marked the gun, it is a deffinate defence to prosecution (If it remains unaltered).

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