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Relic P-38

Article about: Were all these arrowheads ground finds, or did you buy them..........?

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    Were all these arrowheads ground finds, or did you buy them..........?


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    I never bought or sold a arrowhead, they are all personal finds, I've been thinking of getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I will be 65 next month and don't need a whole lot of anything. I still keep my eye on the ground you never know where a point might be.

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    Amazing that you have found so many of them.
    And a P-38...........!


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    I have walked a lot of miles in plowed fields, lake shores and along rivers to find these, it been good therapy when times were bad to go look and meditate, pick up a piece and think what did this guy use it for? Try it and see what happens.

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    I've done just that in my 53 years, whenever I could. Many old farms up here
    have given way to housing and industrial parks, and any further north
    is just rock or dense forest.

    All I've ever found are modern gold and sterling bracelets or necklaces
    over the years - about a dozen - without a metal detector,
    plus a few animal skeletons and the odd fossil.

    I find it so amazing that some of these points you've
    picked up have probably lain there for between
    200 to 2000 years - and more........!
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    Attachment 247626This is a nice Paleo piece that has a letter of authentification with it , I had it evaluated by Greg Perino a anthropologist. He is also a namer of this point "Pike county" some who looked at it say it is a "Beaver Lake" but I found it on Lake Eufaula on my mothers property back in the late 60's. A lot older than you think 9500 years B.P.( before present) Not as old as the Clovis or Folsom points.

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    Beautiful. Prehistory at your doorstep..............

    Different countries, terrain, temperature and an abundance
    of wildlife = more human activity than way up here
    in the 'Great White North' !

    You are so lucky to have found these, and also
    to have had them authenticated.


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    Those arrowheads are cool. !

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    Cool P-38 uh60...
    Those arrowheads and stuff are pretty cool too...
    Regards, Thanos.

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