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Relic restoration

Article about: Haha, Geez you are lucky aint you. Talk about a pot of gold! and to get them for free! They would look great on display at the arms and armour swap meet in cannington on the 17th. I would sa

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    Thanks big ned for your link..fantastic help!

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    Relic restorationRelic restorationRelic restorationRelic restoration

    Well guys getting bit closer to first brew up...few lil leaks in the tank all patched up...was wondering if anyone could tell me roughly how long it would take to clean a somewhat rusty rifle? Around 12 hours maybe?

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    Thats quite an interesting and proffessional looking contraption you've managed to make Sure looks like it will do the trick, I can't wait to see the results



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    Depends on many variables old son. Keep checking on it until it looks right whem you give it a tap and a scrub. Remember, it's always best to underdo it than over cook it!!

    Regards, Ned.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
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    Hey guys...have had a few problems with lack of amperage but have 3 battery chargers on the job now...1 x 2.5 amp,1 x 2 amp and just bought a 10 amp today..bubbling away nicely now just have to give some stubborn rust a helping hand to fall off.. i think just the 10 amp by itself would be okay but there is alot of water in there so might keep all three hooked up. Can see the bolt now and starting to look as though i could move it sometime soon...should be pulling this rifle out this afternoon so more pics then....Relic restorationRelic restorationRelic restorationRelic restorationRelic restoration

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    Looking sweet as mate, cant wait to see how they come out!

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    Hi mate, If you have a scrap Mk1 muzzle brake I'd like to purchase one off you, as long as its good enough to replicate as I need one for my Boys rifle, it has the later Mk2 type.

    ATB, Chris.

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    great thread guys, lots of interesting pics and ideas,

    good luck with the electrolysis


    ps. i like the boys rifle chris, not many about

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    Thanks for a spare Mk1 brake there is one but the entire cone has rotted away..ill put it through the bath as well and see if its any use to you once its clean..actually the brake on one of the rifles im keeping will probably be good enough to pull some dimensions from if thats any help?

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    Quote by Torch View Post
    hi jim,thanks for your kind and constructive comments
    Lol i liked the reply more than the comment. Can't stop laughing. Great thread. What was the result of electrolysis?
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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