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Relic restoration

Article about: Haha, Geez you are lucky aint you. Talk about a pot of gold! and to get them for free! They would look great on display at the arms and armour swap meet in cannington on the 17th. I would sa

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    Great Laboratotry!Congrats!

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    Quote by Torch View Post
    ... the receiver pics the rust heave has swelled the receiver quite bad so everything is packed in rather tight and is taking awhile to get it all out but im in no hurry!
    Attachment 210835Attachment 210840Attachment 210846
    This area is quite weak and was originally marked DO NOT CRAMP HERE, if its swollen it would be easy to gently squeeze back in.

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    Is it possible that relics retain the original smell of grease and oil? I bought a JU-88 relic, piece of the engine I think and theres no rust, looks brand new apart from crash damage and I get oil or grease on my hands making them smell like I work in a car garage or something.

    so its possible?


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    Not sure bout smells in something this rusty but i know i have quite a few militaria items that have a few scents that relate to there wartime,mag pouches that smell like gun oil,boots that smell like dubbin etc...adds to the character which i think is the reason why ive never had any interest in buying unissued gear...oh got the bolt out of rifle number one last night and just re brewing the rest to finish it off...will get some more pics up this weekend...

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    Hey guys,another update..been around 2 weeks and she's out of the bath and had a coating of WD40 to stop the rust setting back in again..came apart relatively easy after all the heave was removed around the bolt(1 week)...i personally feel this is a very good way of going about rust removal if you have a job as there is no need to check on it any more often than every 2 days,pull it out,give it a scrape down then plonk her back in.
    I invested in a 12mm x 1 metre SDS masonry bit so i could drill out all the silt that had set like concrete down the bores...getting there but certainly alot longer than i had first thought!
    Definately all set up for long guns now hahaha
    Relic restorationRelic restorationRelic restorationRelic restorationRelic restorationRelic restoration

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    Oh by the way you can see just how much force was holding the bolt split the receiver where the magazine catch sits!

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    Hey mate, most of the collectors say is not good to use WD40. If you want to seal it and keep rust and humidity away it's better IMO to use renaissance wax.
    Nice results you got there by the way
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Really awesome work. You might have to set up a business cleaning rusty parts for people

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    Well Torch you can certainly feel gratified that you can use the 6 Ps ... Planning---Perseverence---Prevents--- Piss--Poor --Preservation. Really nice job on that relic,. congrats

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    Superb work Torch.....simply superb.

    Steve T

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