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Relic restoration

Article about: Haha, Geez you are lucky aint you. Talk about a pot of gold! and to get them for free! They would look great on display at the arms and armour swap meet in cannington on the 17th. I would sa

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    Default Relic restoration

    Was looking for advice as too how i should be clean up a relic firearm?
    I was recently gifted 6 boyes anti tank rifles but all are still in ground dug state...i dont think chipping away would be a good idea as i'd end up dinging the solid metal there some form of electrolisis that removes rust scale?
    Any help is appreciated

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    can't help of cleaning methods but would love to see some pics

    Regards Mad.ideas

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    It would help to see the degree of corrosion and or the type of build up that has accrued in the ground

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    Torch, good to see a local lad around here.

    As for the cleaning, it would be best to post some pics for people to see that state they are in. I would also have a look in the restoration and refurbishing forum towards the bottom of the page.

    Where did you get Boyes Anti tank rifles in WA?

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    Sorry guys been out of net contact for a lil while...hi volksjager got the boyes from a farm just out of Walgoolan on the great eastern highway,on a train trip back from the big day out this year i saw a WW2 US M3 Grant tank parked in a station only 100 metres of the line and took note of where it was and managed to find it on google earth and stopped in when went to perth to pick up my wife but unfortunately the man who owned everything had been in an accident around 24 months earlier in a ferret scout car/freight train collision and the wife had decided to sell the farm so almost everything had been gifted to the army museum in merredin but there were 6 anti tank rifles there and when i asked if she'd be willing to sell them she gifted them to me instead...they were removed from an arms and ammo dump about 10 kms north of meredin about 30 years after the end of WW2 so have been exposed to their fair share of moisture and air,will try to get a picture up tonight!

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    ....lucky guy...

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    Heres the pics...are they close up enough?Relic restorationRelic restorationRelic restorationRelic restoration

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    I would recommend electrolysis and then a coat ow hot wax on them to prevent oxygen and further corrosion. Every once in a while u will be forced to repeat the process because there is no definite way of stopping the batural process of corrosion.

    Cheers Jan

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    Default Re: Relic restoration

    Hi Jan,thanks for your aware of the destructive process in regards to dissimiliar metals but not sure about how to go about using electrolisis to remove surface layers...can you give me any advice about currents to use and what type of solution to use?

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