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Remains of LIBERATOR

Article about: Great work Bob! best rgds, Ty

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    Default Re: Remains of LIBERATOR

    Great work Bob!

    best rgds, Ty

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    Hats off,

    That's a great result, and i can appreciate the work you've put in to this particular thread, well done sir.

    Regards, Ned.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    As an update on this plane, I noted when Dave sent me the information, the identification number did not match the plane we are discussing. I emailed Dave and found a response this morning. All the information he gave us was accurate except for the number which was a typo.


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    Hallo Bob!

    I can only say that I high appreciate your efforts on this interesting case ,wich was allmost forgotten, but now ,with your unselfish knowledge ,geting a complete new dimension.

    Big thanks and best wishes to mr. Dave Ungemach for his precious help.


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    Hi Alois,you may already know this, but if you find parts,or
    airframe with numbers starting with 32 this confirms it
    is Liberator.
    Rgds Mike

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    Hi Bob,

    As a closing note on this thread, I received the following communication today from Dave regarding the remains of Sgt. Silverman. Therefore, no remains are in the wreckage of the aircraft.

    One last thing. I found Sgt Silverman in the “US Rosters of WWII Dead.” His remains were indeed recovered and returned to the US for burial (date unknown). All of the crew appear to be accounted for.


    Dave U


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    In Northern Slovenia allied were often parachuted and aided the local resistance (partisans). I seriously doubt anyone would have deported them. Russians anyway weren't there.

    I would be also interested in having more informations on a Liberator taken down by the Germans in Trieste, Northern Italy in 1944 near Opicina. I know the spot but never been there. I've been told that the germans recovered the airplane crashed parts but I have no informations on the crew.

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    What a load of great info here (as usual).

    Thanks to matilda for the posting. Very interesting pics and also good to learn later in the thread that all crewmembers has been found.

    Now, I never had any doubts as to how evil the USSR was.

    I am a cold war baby and live in Scandinavia. Growing up I never had any sort of romance with the socialism or communism as did so many of my friends and the generation before me.

    I was always amazed, that people could not see how horrible the whole thing was.

    I would quote all the inhuman things the USSR stood for (Katyn being one of them) but nobody would pay it any heed.

    The system killed their opponents (or imagined opponents) with impunity anywhere in the wold, either through large scale wars (directly or behind the scenes) or small scale like when they had their bulgarian henchmen kill a system critic in London.

    I have read a lot of books about WWII and talked to many veterans, but I manage to learn something new here all the time it seems.

    I know Uncle Joe and his reegime was rotten to the core (as mentioned below far worse than The Third Reich), but this just takes the cake:

    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    Unfortunately, that was not the case. Many POW camps in Eastern Europe holding US military personel were liberated by Soviet forces and marched East where they were used as slave labor or exploited for their technical skills. None of these individuals ever were repatriated to their homeland.
    Michael Constandy, who has Westmorland Research in the Washington DC area, began his first research project looking for what had become of a great uncle who was declared missing in Eastern Europe as a USAAF crew member. He found in German records that he had been held in a POW camp that had been "liberated" by the Soviets. After the fall of Communism in Russia, Mike was able to search the old Soviet records and found his uncle had been executed in either 1949 or 1950.
    Germans and other Axis prisoners were not the only victims of Uncle Joe Stalin. When it came to murder, his regime made the Nazis look like beginers.
    Let us also not forget the case of the Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, in Hungary who was taken by Soviet forces at the end of the war and never seen again. He was held in Lubianka Prison until his death in the mid 90's. Others say he was executed in 1947. For more information, Raoul Wallenberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I thought nothing could surprise me anymore, but I am enraged by this all over again.

    Thanks for the info, Bob.

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    Scout I think we should steer back to the main topic of this thread. It's not the right place to debate on the URSS and comunism crimes. Thank you

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    Quote by Matt R. View Post
    Scout I think we should steer back to the main topic of this thread. It's not the right place to debate on the URSS and comunism crimes. Thank you
    Right. Sorry to hijack the thread. Further more, I think most people here are "in the know" about USSR crimes and there is no need to flog a dead horse in this excellent thread

    (in my defence, I didnt start it *insert smiley of pouting-five-year-old-turning-blue-in-the-face-from-holding-breath*)

    Back to the main issue - as mentioned, a great Liberator find.
    Here a few other plane relics though not from a Liberator (these are from a small museum in Demjansk. I do not know what plane it is):

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