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Sd.Kfz. 301 found in vienna

Article about: Interesting story, thanks for sharing it

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    Default Re: Sd.Kfz. 301 found in vienna

    Interesting story, thanks for sharing it

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    Updated the link ... its in german

    Kampfzone Südbahnhof

    I used to be on this railway station every day, do not know if i was
    standing on this vehicle during waiting for a train ...

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    Hi Herbert, thanks

    Cheers, Ade.

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    hi, this is what it might of looked like and some information to boot... During the invasion of France in 1940, a new mine clearing / bunkers destruction methodology was worked out by using a PzKpfw. I Ausf. B fitted with special equipment to place explosive charges. Ten modified PzKpfw. I Ausf. B were used by 1. Panzer Division - Pioniereeinheits 3. Pionierekompanie. The design was interesting enough to warrant the development of a special purpose vehicle. In October 1941, Borgward was order to develop the B III VK 302 to a schwere ladungsträger - B IV Sd. Kfz. 301 and, from the experiences with the B I and B II, a leichter ladungstraeger Goliath Sd. Kfz. 302.

    Known as the B IV, it was designated by the Waffenamt as Sprengladungsträger (Sd. Kfz. 301). The Sd. Kfz. 301 Borgward IV measured 3.65m in length, 1.8m in width and 1.19m in height. It weighed 3.6 tons and used the same engine as VK 302, giving it a maximum speed of 38km/h. It had a one-man crew, who drove the vehicle to the launch spot before engaging the enemy. Thereafter the 8mm protection plates around the driver was folded down to protect the radio and then the vehicle was radio-controlled towards the target. When engaging the enemy, a 500kg explosive charge carried on the frontal armor plate was offloaded. The vehicle backed away and the explosive charge was set off with delayed detonation. Some 12 experimental vehicles were built in April 1942. Series production began in May 1942 and approximately 616 Borgward IV Ausf. A were built until June 1943, the Ausf. B being built in 260 examples until November 1943 and some 305 Ausf. C were built from December 1943 to September 1944. The Ausf. B only differed a little from the Ausf. A, it weighed 400kg more, the radio antennae was moved and the radio-equipment had been improved. Borgward IV Ausf. C weighed 4.85tons, measured 4.1m in length, 1.83m in width and 1.25m in height. It carried thicker armor and used new tracks. The drivers position were moved from right to the left side. It also used a more powerful Borgward engine, providing some 78hp.

    Some 56 Borgward IV were ;ater rebuilt into panzerjaeger Wanze, which were armed with six 8.8cm Panzerbaschsen 54 and used at the final stages of the war. A lone Borgward IV Ausf. B was rebuilt and tested with a rudder, propeller and floating bulbs for swimming purposes. In 1943, a single Borgward IV was fitted with a TV-camera. This enabled an operator to sit within a control-tank and watch a simple TV-screen so that they could drive the vehicle from a remote site.

    It is only through the unity of the Communist Party that the unity of the whole class and the nation can be achieved, and it is only through the unity of the whole class and the whole nation that the enemy can be defeated and the national and democratic revolution accomplished.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Sd.Kfz. 301 found in vienna   Sd.Kfz. 301 found in vienna  

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    Totally amazing.

    I wonder if anyone would mind if I went down to Leicester railway station and did a spot of metal detecting........well you never know !

    Steve T

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    You would really be surprised that this is not that uncommon.

    In the past 20 years I have found several vehicles (Bulldozer, Army Tanker Trucks, several railroad cars and even a Tugboat) during excavations of "untouched" ground and demolition of existing structures.
    When we demoed a WWI/WW2 training structure in Pennsylvania we found several Studebaker 6X6 trucks buried in what was a Vehicle Service Garage (the drove them into the service pit area and backfilled over them and then poured a 12" reinforced concrete slab).

    The Tugboat was found at Port Liberty, New Jersey across from Manhattan and had been abandoned, towed into an old mooring slip and then the slip was filled,

    At a NY Stste Mental Hospital, an M3 Tank was found during an excavation. Several M3 Tank chassis were recently found in Oregon, they were burind in a Gully. they had been purchased as Suroplus and converted to drag timber out of the forest after it was cut down (evidently they were not very good at it and that is why they were abandoned and used to fill the gully to prevent erosion).

    The bulldozer was a Cat D-9 and had been partially destroyed in an act of Insurance Fraud by the contractor and was buried in a ravine in Long Island. We found it 5 feet below the top of the ground and it was located in a way that made it very difficult to remove so I had the foundation contractor move the entire footing system 2 feet forward so the Dozer could be left in place under the storage building. We drained all the fluids (diesel, hydraulic and motor oil) and added a layer of rebar over the top and to the footing and foundation walls and proceeded to pour concrete. So if you are ever at the Storage Quarters on Stewart Ave in Garden City Long Island, Building #2 contains the dozer.

    Not as good as Vienna or even San Francisco (50% of the West side near the water sits on landfill of old ships filled with soil and garbage) but still there are days that make me feel like "Indiana Jones"!

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    Here is a link to information on the Bogward IV and the units that used them...
    Borgward IV - SdKfz. 301

    I have a soldbuch & medical ausweis for a medic that served with these units including s.Pz-Abt (Tiger FKL) 301.

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    I'll be in Wien from the 5th May for 5 days.

    On the slim chance that this vehicle will be on display at the musseum, I'll take some pics and post them.

    all the best,


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    Strange but again Austrian find and no good pictures for history.
    Looks like a very interesting place to discover. The old layer was just covered with a a couple of meter of ground. You can see the helmet on the picture too

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Hi benny, i was in vienna a few years ago, and thare is a great market thare on a sat morning, its just off one of the train stops, i cant remember the station, but it shouldnt be to hard to get the info. on ,i got a H.j. knife, no enamal, 20euro plus some ww1 medals.....happy hunting..

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