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Shipping relic stg44 to the UK

Article about: Selling a Normandie recovered STG44 relic I have and it might be going to the UK --- now, I know the laws over there are exceedingly strict... as, say, opposed to here in Norway, but even th

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    This is the first time I've heard of StG44s being used in Normandy....
    There were MP44s in Normandy, but in limited numbers. It was doubted for years that there were any at all, but photographic evidence finally appeared in Gazette des Armes magazine, June 1984 and later in sequence in various issues of Armes & Militaria, clearly showing one of a group of German infantryment marching toward the Normandy front toting an MP44.

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    I know it sounds a bit OCD, but it drives me nuts when I can't remember/find a reference.....

    So, for anyone interested, I've dug through my old copies of Armes & Militaria magazine to find the 'MP44 in Normandy' pic......and it's in issue #203, June 2002. The article concerns the 2.Panzer Division in Normandy, and shows the entire sequence of PK photographs taken on 10th June 1944. Two soldiers in the column foot-slogging toward the front are identified as carrying MP43/44 rifles. Even if you can't speak French, it's worth a look - the article is 30 pages long and minutely describes all the weapons and equipment shown in the photos.

    Back to the subject of the thread....great relic !

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    Just thought I'd update this thread a bit. The stg44 now has a new owner, shipping to the UK went without a hitch and I've already got a replacement on the wall, in from Berlin

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    Thumbs up Stg 44

    Would you be interested to sell and ship it to Canada?

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