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Article about: mmm.. at my place there's almost at every corner a shop selling newspapers.. Well it's quite strange that 2 different people have found the same helmets.. cheers,

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    Hi Gend, if you want to protect your images before uploading them on the forum, then you could try the freeware program, Image Water Marker, that is simple to use.

    There are many programs that you can use, but this one is designed more for the novice PC user who wants fast results.

    The program can be downloaded here:

    Coding Elite

    Step by Step Guide

    Here is a simple step-by-step guide to how it works:

    1) Run the application and click "open" button and select an image from your hard drive.

    2) Once you have selected the image the original image and preview image will be shown. The preview will have some sample text.

    3) Enter your text in the text bar marked ‘Watermark Text’

    4) You can change the transparency use the slider bar marked ‘Transparancy’

    5) You can change the font and other attributes by clicking the ‘Select Font’ button

    6) Once you have finished, just click ‘save’. The final image will be marked with the file name and ‘_final’

    7) That is it. You watermarked image is ready for uploading
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stahlhelme   Stahlhelme  


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    Thanks for that Ade. I'll be getting that one on my system ready for the time I've sorted out a decent camera to share my finds with all.

    Thanks for new pictures Gend and don't appologise, not after what happened to you before.


    Post Script: Just tested that Coding Elite out... I'd advise all picture posters to get it!!
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