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Article about: mmm.. at my place there's almost at every corner a shop selling newspapers.. Well it's quite strange that 2 different people have found the same helmets.. cheers,

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    Default Stahlhelme

    Hello! I'm new here in the forum and I'll show you some pictures of our finds!
    For a year we dig in the area of supply of a former camp of the Wehrmacht. During this time we dug up several hundreds of helmets. The helmets are unfortunately not in good condition longer.
    Sorry for my bad English
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stahlhelme   Stahlhelme  

    Stahlhelme   Stahlhelme  

    Stahlhelme   Stahlhelme  

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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    Welcome to the forum

    Bloody hell! thats a lot of helmets! what do you do with them all?

    Thanks for sharing your find

    ps, your english is better than mine


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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    very beautiful helmets . Thanks for sharing to us your's finds.

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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    send some to me if you dont want them

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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    I'll take a couple off your hands if you want!
    Personally I think that they are in good condition considering they have been buried for nearly 70 years!!

    Brilliant find

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    Hi gend,
    Welcome to the forum and I must say that's a very impressive first post you've made.
    They're amazing finds, have any of the helmets still got the remains of the decals on the side?. Also have you cleaned any of them up yet, oxolic acid would improve them. It would be nice to see some more pictures. Have you found any other items while digging there?
    Best Wishes.

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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    Wow, nice helmets.

    They will not be hard to sell, if you are thinking of it................!


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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    Hey there,

    Very impressive! i have never done any archaeology before, being an amateur
    but i am planning to.

    Not to be selfish or anything to the others, but if you don't want any of those, could i possibly have one?? if so, just let me know. thanks alot!!

    Rommel 1942

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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    I forgot to say, if you are selling them, how much for one of your better ones?



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    Default Re: Stahlhelme

    Welcome to the forum. Nice collection of found helmets you have there
    Do you dig with Dezades ? As the photo of the helmets dug out of the hole is the same photo as the one that Dezades posted of this hole with his Grandfather standing there.
    If you are selling, I might be interested.
    Regards to all, Simon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stahlhelme  

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