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Article about: Here is some pictures of the recovered U-boat 534

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    What A Beaut!!!
    Really like to see old treasures brought to life again.

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    U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534U-534For all those interested in U-Boats.An attack periscope I was given by the widow of my friend Karl Wahnig who served on U802.The photo is of him and include his denazifeid miniature awards. It also shows the position of U802 at surrender,before being taken to Loch Eriboll for later scuttling.

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    Very nice thread!!! One can feel the atmosphere whilst looking the artifacts of U-534! One question... We see the place where the depth charge hit het but all we can see on the hull are some small holes that were made from inside towards outside as the twisted metal parts suggest... What caused these little holes?

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    found a page saying they sell relics from u534. He says that he bought them from the museum. Because the museum had too many things they sold out some things! have not seen anywhere else on the internet or read that the museum sold items from the submarine What do u guys think it's just an attempt to sell simple things for a higher price by giving them a cool story

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    I live just across the mersey in Liverpool, and U-534 is now a very popular tourist attraction.

    I was lucky enough to get inside it, when it was in one piece...

    Very claustrophobic, damp and cold, but well worth the visit.

    Yes, I've been inside a genuine U-Boat, lovely.

    At least she is safe from the cutters knife

    Also, there is a very nice pub too, just opposite, called "Gallaghers".

    Been in there many a time.. smashing.

    Gallaghers Pub - Award winning food and drink

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