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Article about: Here is some pictures of the recovered U-boat 534

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    According to the artists impression of how the museum will look, the sections of the hull will still be outside.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Here is a good link about the U Boats fate with a video interview:

    German U-boat prepares to move to new Wirral home - Liverpool Daily

    Cheers, Ade.

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    hello fantastic finds from the sub , i love the KM porcelane and the steel helmets,amazing how thay managed to survive the sea water

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    The whole 534 salvage was surrounded by speculation that great finds would be on board.
    Great finds were on board - a time capsule of WW2 artifacts - some sections of the boat still were airlocked.
    The gold , jewels , "nazi treasure" which the media feasted on failed to appear , engine parts and - "something for the weekend sir" ( ) comprised the bulk of her cargo - all bound for Norway.

    Seems crazy that a disability law , however well intended should be a serious factor in the dismembering of a ship - P.C. considerations gone mad.
    (And I say this with the greatest respect for the disabled members of our population ).

    Part of lessons from the U-534 experience must be that if large ships or aircraft are to be raised or recovered some thought must be given as to their fate and long term preservation.

    Thankfully 534 has a future , but for so long so much was up in the air.

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    I thought plans had it that she would be on display indoors in sections?

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    Great photo's!!! I hope saner minds prevail.

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    There is a video on youtube showing a pefectly restored interior with german record playing etc.

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    wow Amazing piece of history ! thank for show the pic

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    Cant believe someone would want to cut up a peice of history what a disgrace should not be allowed awsome pics

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    I guess on the bright side, areas not nomrally accessable can be accessed for preservation this way.

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