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Article about: Here is some pictures of the recovered U-boat 534

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    sounds good Ronnie,trouble is i would end up wanting more than 1

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    I would still like to go and see it. Maybe we could have a forum meet up? Mine would have to be tea though as I would be driving.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Here is the new website about the exhibition:

    The U-Boat Story - The Story of World War 2 German Submarine U-534

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Sounds good guys... see you there

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    Anyone see these photos go on Ebay?
    "2 Photos of RAF Attack on U Boat U534"
    I was winning with 10 and it shot to 77.
    Great piece of history!!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 233517367_o.jpg   233517424_o.jpg  

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    Dan you kept that quiet today should have told me would have gone halve's
    on that

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    Ade i would be up for that forum get together and i am sure Dan (Bikerboy), Dave (scrooge) old swan and Walshy1 would be also up for it

    Cheer's Ronnie

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    them pics look like the ones that were on display at the last u534 visitor centre,, Dave

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    WARNING... If you intend to visit and don't want to spoil the visit... look away now.
    IF you are an overseas member or just want to see, please carry on viewing
    I went to the exhibit today with the family and took photos! A brilliant display and I can now see why they cut it up! I feel it was for the best as its too dangerous to walk through looking at the insides!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture P1010323.jpg   P1010324.jpg  

    P1010325.jpg   P1010326.jpg  

    P1010328.jpg   P1010330.jpg  

    P1010331.jpg   P1010332.jpg  

    P1010333.jpg   P1010334.jpg  

    P1010335.jpg   P1010336.jpg  

    P1010337.jpg   P1010338.jpg  

    P1010339.jpg   P1010340.jpg  

    P1010341.jpg   P1010342.jpg  

    P1010343.jpg   P1010344.jpg  

    P1010345.jpg   P1010346.jpg  

    P1010347.jpg   P1010348.jpg  

    P1010349.jpg   P1010350.jpg  

    P1010353.jpg   P1010355.jpg  

    P1010356.jpg   P1010358.jpg  

    P1010359.jpg   P1010362.jpg  

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    Default Re: U-534

    Dan, thank you for the effort of uploading those pics!

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