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Uk airfields buried treasures and other myths ....

Article about: i have spent many years on WW2 uk airfields and spend a lot of time talking to locals about local knowledge / stories etc, without doubt the most common Myth i come across is the ''they dug

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    Default Uk airfields buried treasures and other myths ....

    i have spent many years on WW2 uk airfields and spend a lot of time talking to locals about local knowledge / stories etc, without doubt the most common Myth i come across is the ''they dug a big hole and dropped in Lancasters and bran new jeeps'' ONE ! On nearly every airfield from Carew in the west to Duxford in the East, there is always the same story, yet when permission is gained the most that is ever found is literally a dump site, with old china cups and well .....rubbish from the era, sure there are some nice finds but never the hidden aircraft or jeeps or Lee-enfield riffle stash ! Whats your experience of these myths and do we think there is a glimmer of truth to any of them....
    Uk airfields buried treasures and other myths ....

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    Same over here at the former repatriation camps of the GI's (cigaret camps). Big holes filled with brand new jeeps and Harley's still in crate! Huge loads of pistols burried all over the place. I did however find a typewriter and a box full of medication bottles, still looking for a Harley Liberator with the 45 ACP Thompson in the holster.

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    These stories were much discussed on another forum in the context of the infamous 'Spitfires in Burma' story. Be warned that the thread is now approaching 5000 posts! (Burma Spitfires - Abandon hope all ye who enter here…. - Page 161)



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    Default WW II Treasure Tales

    One story that always got me was the one my uncle told of sailing home from New Guinea and the troops had a contest seeing who could hurl M-i carbines the furthest out from the ship. I make no claims on the veracity of this, but we all know how Uncle Sam has been known to occasionally over spend/

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    Best one I've heard, my parents live next to a lake that belongs my father. A few years ago he stopped allowing people (fishers) on his land because they would always leave behind empty cans and plastic, so now the lake is not acceseble to public.
    A year or two ago I was reading a article on a forum about divers finding a German tank in the lake that was suppossed to be dumped there in 1944. The article said there were plans to pump out all the water, and pull the Panzer out. I was very supprised when I read this, and phoned up my dad about the matter. He insured me no divers had been in the lake, neither did somebody discover a tank in the lake and sure as hell were they not pumping all the water out! It makes you wonder where all these stories come from. I told the people on the forum the lake belongs to my father and it was not open to public. The thread got closed fast.
    By the way, its a very dangerous lake as in the last 25 years 3 people have drowned in it, and I bet there have been much more through the years. There is a pub only a few miles away, and sometimes at night in the summer people who had one or two to many try to cross it swimming.

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    Default Lake tank

    That story seems eerily familiar. I believe it was a Russian tank that had sunk in a lake in what may be Latvia. I recall it was on a military archeology website. Supposedly the thing was hauled out, pumped out, gassed up and ran. But lies are always more enjoyable, and I have no way of verifying this.

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    i suppose it is these stories that make us all collectors and finders of our own small treasures, RAF Carew Chirton in wales has a control tower group that was so taken with the myth that a large scale dig was organized, noot sure if its gone ahead yet but it was seriously planned. the very fact that aircraft are hollow and if a weight of earth were dumped on top, it would flatten quite quickly, precludes any being found intact. Llandow in wales was the scrapping ground for thousands of ww2 aircrat, Vulcans, Victors and many other airframes....having detected much of it i can conclusively say....they were a clean lot and very little remains anywhere today!

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    FACT.there was a badly damaged spitfire dug up at Kenley airfield several years ago.

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    There is stuff out there but not in the way of tons, buried together. There were lots of weapons buried at an Ex RAF base near Manchester over many years and some of these were recovered in relic condition. I have a Long Lee from this base so I know the story to be true. I don't think they were buried En Mass, it was just easier to dispose of an asset when it was unserviceable by burying it. Just laziness.

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    WW2Nut, did you find anything interesting? Amazing how little remains for the volume that went through LLandow.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Uk airfields buried treasures and other myths ....   Uk airfields buried treasures and other myths ....  

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