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Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

Article about: Hi, I understand that the 110 was used extensively as an effective night fighter and on occasions would tag onto the end of a returning bomber stream picking them off as they came into land

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    Chris Collins

    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    Chrashing in 1943, it could well be a Messerschmitt Me410

    i will check my records and see what i can find
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)  

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    Chris Collins

    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    Cant find any German losses of the messershmitt type in lancashire for 1943
    are you sure of the date, ??, and are you sure it is a Messershmitt, as being that far up the country, chances are it is a heinkel, or Ju88, bomber type??
    i checked through the "Blitz,then and Now" and couldnt find anything withing it, the books lists all german crashes ( i have all 3 of them) during ww2 in the UK

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    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    Unmistakably a 'Jerry', those inverted DB601 series motors typical of the 110 although it is possible that it might be a later variant either 210 or 410 & it is very hard to establish from the photographs you have provided as they do not lend themselves to clarity or definition.

    To begin your initial investigations for further information I would respectfully suggest searching your library as per a previous post.

    i.) Local Civil Defence War Diaries where day by day all incidents were journalised.

    ii.) Area Police Day Reports again where significant events such as this would be documented.

    iii.) Look for the closest RAF station which would contain a MU who would be tasked to recover the wreckage. The group history would almost certainly contain a reference to it & an entry in the morning report would also be a high probability.

    iv.) Home guard - I know that there have been quite a few books relating to specific units published & we too have our local one which has proved very valuable for this kind of research. The Home Guard did much to act as sentinels over crash sites & deter would be souvenir hunters.

    v.) It may also be worth contacting the local newspaper archivist with the date to see if it was publicised in the press, however not all axis crashes were as regional censorship did vary.

    Good luck with you research & please keep us posted with you results.


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    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    maybe a Bf110 i think...

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    Chris Collins

    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    I can help, I really can, BUT.. i need to know, where this aircraft came down, and what its neighbouring towns are, ??

    are you sure of the year ??..
    i have the BOB, then and now, and the complete set of the Blitz then and now, , with every german loss on british soil, are you sure of its location ?

    any more clues ??.

    Oh By the way, it Wont be a Me210,, as only or 3 actually crashed on british soil, mainly in the north east, 2 were shot down on the same day.

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    Chris Collins

    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    well, i just spent a hour going through my blitz books, and cant find a thing, in those areas, and i went right through 1943 ??

    buggger she is an elusive one

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    china clipper

    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    ME 410... just google ME 410 aND compare the images.

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    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    I would say Bf110 for sure. Looking at the first pic you can just make out the nose and the shape and one gun port is correct for a 110. The quality is so bad though that either the canopy is completely missing or the pic is just too blurred and dark to be able to see it.
    In the second pic the square intake on the wing is another feature of the 110, the 410 had a round extended intake mounted right up close to the engine cowling, that is not present here, so to me that rules out a 410.
    Also we should note that the second pic might have been taken after some recovery had taken place as looks like the people are standing where the fuselage was in the first pick, also the engine itself seems to me to be at a different angle to the first pic. It could just be the camera angles though.

    The engine is for sure a DB601 or later.

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    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    As I said right at the start of this's a Bf 110 !!!

    Steve T

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    china clipper

    Default Re: Unidentified WW2 Aircraft (crash)

    ME110 has split tail and nose that comes out past the props. different cockpit profile, squarer front and rearl. ME410 has sloped front nose and windscreen as shown in the pic.

    As a matter of fact, this picture in this thread seems to have come from this link, showing it as an ME410. I found this by googling ME410

    Messerschmitt Me 410 Hornisse - Technische Daten / Beschreibung (Deutsch)

    photo from this link:
    18.12.1939 - the air battle over the german bight.

    When I was a kid, my grandparents had a huge TIME LIFE book on WW2 and there was a captured ME410 in it, that fascinated me. I remembered the differences from teh 110 and 410.

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