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unknown crashed aircraft

Article about: More info regarding the op: After attacks of Squadrons No. 12, 105, 139, 150 and 218 came an attack by Blenheim squadrons of Uk based 2 Group. 21 Squadron, 107 Squadron and 110 Squadron task

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    Much of the surface wreckage will have been carted off at the time by the authorities - if spotted and then just after the war the market for scrap meant that the locals may well have spotted it and additionally there were gangs who roamed the countryside of Europe after the war living off clearing the detritus of battles. If it was a high energy impact, which seems likely, then there would have probably been little on the surface to indicate crew still on board and they would have thought it was just another forgotten, passed over wreck or assumed the bodies had been recovered earlier - Hence, could be why it has never been located officially.

    Today, its a different matter - if there are crew buried there, then every piece may be important, so keeping the location quiet is a good idea at the moment - there are those who would take everything and may even start digging :-( I recall finding the prop blades had been hacked off the Hudson at Maulusmühle, Luxembourg - and that's an official war grave with all the crew clearly buried on site - some people are not even worthy of a derogatory comment!

    Lets hope some action results from this being reported - the panel with the serial is a good start, but not conclusive - they did sometimes get swapped around or re-used from a damaged aircraft - if the site is undisturbed and remains so, there should be all the evidence needed buried there - so lets keep it that way if we can.

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    Many thanks for all the great advise regarding this matter I will contact the relivent authorities next week and will keep you all informed on my progress and will take your advise to not to post any where the exact location until requestes by the authorities.
    I am very great full to every one who has posted on this thred and without your help I would not have been able to get this aircraft identified.

    Will keep you posted and any more info anyone may have will be greatly appreciated.


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    Great news ring buffer. Please keep us informed of any developments.

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    Some information about the stamps on your part. The F.B. prefix generally refers to Fedden and Butler who were Bristol aircraft engine designers, and with the aircraft being powered by Bristol mercury engines this further suggests the meaning of the 'FB'. The "C&B" will be an inspection stamp

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    Matt, If you want, contact me via PM, When I go to work tommorrow I can probably find the details for the individual at JCCC you need to report it too, or I can get them to ring you if you would prefer. I've a fealing that my SEngO was also at Innsworth at one time so he probably has more direct contacts. If I was you I would also suggest that you be taken along as a kind of guide, it would be very humbling to be involved is such a discovery.

    Cheers, Chris.

    p.s. Well done by the way.

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    Wolfgang Tonne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Check this out could be the guy who shot it down !!

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    as a note of caution guys ,the M OD are natorious for saying leave things alone.

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    Thanks for the advise but will respect whatever decision they make.
    but would like to think they would appreciate any help recovering it as I do have a lot of experiance in the recovery of lost soldiers and I will probably have to show someone where it is !

    But if they decide it's now time to give them all the info I have and leave it in there hands then so be it I am just glad we found it and hopefully at some point the 3 airmanship remains will be found with or without my help.

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    Tonne could have been the pilot who shot it down but NINE Blenheims were shot down that day over Northern France. One more was lost colliding with a Me109. A couple more crashed on landing back in the UK. I read an account by a Blenheim gunner from around the time. He arrived at his new squadron to be told all the planes were out on a mission. None of them came back. What a start to operational life. Brave men who deserve to be remembered.
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    Have contacted the relevant authorities to report the find and have had contact from them but the right person is away till the 21st Oct at which time I have been told I will be contacted for more information.
    Have offered my help in trying to find the remains of the flight crew as have a lot of experiance in this kind of searching and know the MOD wont go and dig it up !!

    Hopefully I will be able to return to the crash site for futher investigation in the not to distant future will keep you all posted.

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