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What is this?

Article about: bloody hell ned that was good going

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    Default What is this?

    What is this? I know its german but i dont know what is it. I think its a part of a vehicle. Sorry for may bad english.

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    Default Re: What is this?

    I was thinking motorcycle but looked at a few restoration sites dated 1941 bikes and it does not seem to fit ... at least not the BMW.

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    Default Re: What is this?

    Sorry i forgott de sizes: 63.5cm long and 42.5 wide, and it has 26kg.

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    Long shot, but it is the cover to the gearing used where the drive shaft comes out of a tank body and then is dropped below to another drive shaft lower than the tank body to which the wheels are attached? (if that makes sense?)

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    good guess watchcam, it could be a final drive casing. when i saw it i thought sherman but it's not from a sherman, i've also looked at panther gearbox but couldn't see any similarity. it could also be from a stug or panzer 4 but i can't find any decent pics to compare it so there's not a lot of info i can give, only that it's a gear casing, the 2 large holes are there to allow access to the shaft and bearings.


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    Your right chaps, it's the final drive cover off a Pz III or even a STuG. Here's a good pic.

    Regards, Ned.
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    Well done Gents very impressive knowledge.

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    Thank you werry much!

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    Great identification gents, that's superb work. Well done!



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    Default Re: What is this?

    Good team work... I knew it was familiar!
    A nice find ..

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