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Ww1 german aircraft tail rudder

Article about: Hi can any tell me what i have is the real deal or a copy

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    Looking at the one in the OP, it is the same as the one from ebay so that confirms it as a replica. All the dirt and creases are identical.

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    for fokk sake.

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    It must have belonged to some Fokker at one time though... [I] saw this on ebay a couple of months ago being sold as a copy. I'm fairly sure the original Fokker rudder was made from aluminium tube.
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    If I saw this for sale, I would pay $200 to $250 just to hang it on the wall. Don't think I will ever find an original WW1 Tail of anything.

    Dean O

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    Definitely a copy.

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    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Fokker E.III
    Unit: KEK Habsheim
    Serial: Fok.EIII 105/15
    Pilot - feldwebel Ernst Udet, 1916.

    not to be seem much

    Ww1 german aircraft tail rudder

    some were marked in this manner

    Ww1 german aircraft tail rudder

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    Unfortunately it is a copy IMO.

    I am including some photos of a Sopwith Camel rudder that is currently for sale by a dealer as a comparison.

    It is priced at over US$9 400. A Fokker rudder would, I believe, be more than this.


    Ww1 german aircraft tail rudderWw1 german aircraft tail rudderWw1 german aircraft tail rudderWw1 german aircraft tail rudder

    Edit: The only original E3 is in the Science Museum in London.

    The E3 used chrome-molybdenum steel tubing for the basic fuselage structure instead of wooden components.

    See photos:

    Ww1 german aircraft tail rudderWw1 german aircraft tail rudder
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    That's from a Fokker Eindecker and not from a triplane because if it was from a triplane, there would have been Dr.1 and not E.III

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    I'm with Dean (campX) - damn fine wall hanger even as a copy.

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