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Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign

Article about: someone can tell me something about this street sign? Best regards Annoyed from this ads?   Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign

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    Yes... I would love to have one but I avoid them like the plague. Too many fakes, no useful guidance, typical 180 degree range of opinions... someone who says he knows how to differentiate but won't tell others...?

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    Helping in detail on open forums just educates the fakers. Learning can be costly and time consuming. People these days just want things handed to them. I find that being helpful does not even merit a simple, "thank you."

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    But you aid the fakers by keeping everyone ignorant.... and you harm the non-fakers because those of us who know we are ignorant can not recognize a legit one from a non-faker... but, suit yourself...

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    Both John and doug make valid points. Although for me the whole point of forums like this is to educate and if the fakers learn a thing or two so be it. In my experience fakers are lazy and want maximum profit for little effort. Having been discovering, selling and buying early 20th century enamel signs since the mid 70's here are a few things I have learnt to tell a fake from the real thing. The first is the gauge of steel. Enamel signs were designed to be hung outside in extreme conditions i.e heat and cold so the steel supporting the enamel glass is quite heavy. Often fakes are light weight when compared size for size. Also fakers often get the depth of enamel wrong and colours can be way off. On original signs sometimes the colours will be faded and the enameling slightly dull due to sunlight weathering etc. Something I haven't seen successfully done on fakes. Often fakers over do natural damage/staining using tools and chemicals. Bright rust is the usual give away. In my experience most damage is caused by the original fixings becoming loose and young lads with catapults. Some damage will of course happened when the signs were removed and subsequently used to block gaps in fencing mending holes in shed roofs etc. Something else the fakers neglect is the rear of the sign. Originals are usually of a uniform dark colour, black or grey and sometimes will have runs of a colour as used on the front.
    So in conclusion visually a fake can look very similar to the original so unless you know it's history then a inspection in hand is essential. Be very wary of anything coming out of the old eastern Europe particularly Poland. Also be wary if it is a design that you have never seen before. Research is the key.

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    Also many ( not all, but many ) original enameled signs - the Americans call them porcelain - are 'vaulted' or domed slightly.
    This is not usually the case with fakes as this & the enameling process done back then is old technology today.

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    I lived at Althoffstr. 1, ecke, Hesse Str. in Berlin for several years in the 1950’s. The street signs were black, Fraktur font letters on a white enamel field. There are several American and German companies that will make street signs in any size, shape, and color, with either Fraktur or Antigua font lettering. So, it would be easy and inexpensive to have a Hitler Strasse sign made. I believe that the sign under discussion here, is a fake. Dwight

    Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign

    Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign
    Note the use of hyphens

    Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign

    Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign
    note the hyphen between Hitler and Str
    Attached Images Attached Images Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign 

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    As an example of how easily one can have a specially sign made, here is one that I had made for my patio area several years ago. This one is a sort of fake, because in-so-far as I know there is no Messimer Platz anywhere on the planet except in my back yard. But the fading, due to sun damage, is not contrived, it's 100% natural, stemming from 20 years of being exposed to 90+ degree summers in California. The point is, if you want to make a long term investment in an Adolf-Hitler-Str. sign You could find the right company to make it to pre-war German standards. and hang it outside for about 12 years. You might want to fire a couple of .30 cal. rounds through it to give it that special effect. Dwight

    Adolf Hitler - Platz Street Sign
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    You might find it missing one morning and for sale on ebay as a TR souvenir!

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    Anderson, Ha ha, ha; possibly but improbable because it lacks the requisite SS. Dwight

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