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AH flatware identification

Article about: Ladies/Gentlemen and others, I'm looking for help with identifying some AH silverware. The reason I ask is that I just translated a period silverware order form for the Eagles Nest...And the

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    Quote by Erich S View Post
    An impressive collection. I have about 9 pieces of the AH formal pattern in my small collection.
    Erich, Considering what this stuff costs, I wouldn't consider 9 pieces of AH formal flatware small by any means. I would love to see the pieces. Post them if you have them.

    Quote by CARL View Post
    2) Not sure...but I do know that orange knives (yes, they do exist!) have two different edges, with the upper edge serrated moreso than the lower...
    Carl, I think you have something here. I found some vintage pictures of antique orange knives and the serrated edges were very similar. Thanks!

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    Quote by tailor marc View Post
    With AH stamped stuff what are the chances AH himself hold and dined with them or were these made for very close people around him too?
    The formal flatware pieces were made by the Bruckmann & Söhne company and given to Hitler for his 50th birthday in 1939. It is known that the silverware and flatware were distributed among the places Hitler frequented the most: the Berghof (Hitler’s Mountain home); der Kehlstein (the Eagle’s Nest); the Gasthaus (Guest House) at Obersalzberg; the Braune Haus (The Brown House); the Prinzregentenplatz apartment in Munchen; and the Reichskanzlei in Berlin.

    Just like Wagriff said, "The myriad of big names that may (and did) have handled and used the silverware is overwhelming in it's possibilities." That's the exact thought that got me into collecting AH silverware. I always wanted a SS helmet, but to lay out 4-10k for one was mind boggling for me. And that money could be spent on a helmet that some random soldier wore.. For that same money spent, you can get several pieces of silverware that the most prominent Third Reich personalities handled. Imagine if this stuff could talk.... Just my thought process...

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    1. Cheese knife (Käsemesser). There is a matching butter knife (Buttermesser) with a rounded end. The point is for stabbing a piece/slice of cheese to move it to your plate.

    2. Tomato knife (Tomatenmesser). My understanding is that the upper, sharper edge is for cutting the skin of a soft, ripe tomato, while the lower edge is for cutting the flesh into pieces. Why someone would be doing this at the table, instead of the cook in the kitchen, is a bit of a mystery, at least to me.

    3. Salad serving fork (Salatgabel) of a salad serving set (Salatbesteck). These sets usually came in at least two sizes, and you have the smaller one. The larger set would have been more like 10" long.

    While pieces No. 1 and 2 are unfamiliar to most Americans, they are typical pieces for German flatware patterns.

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    Great feedback DianaGaleM! Thank you.

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    I have a large knife that is documented. Its amazing how much of this seems to surface.
    I have bid on a few pieces in recent years also (and not won) including a tray.

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