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Anybody know what this is?

Article about: i believe it's exactly the same thing. the only difference is that in my picture the fibers at the very edge "bunched" and in yours they are not. this is only due to the shrinkage

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    Default Anybody know what this is?

    This one has been eating at me for a while but cant find anything similar as of yet, any clue please help. Best I can come up with is a bookmarker but dont really think so. It is 9 1/2" long and 1" wide.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Anybody know what this is?   Anybody know what this is?  

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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    A bookmarker would have been my initial thought. What are your reasons for not thinking likewise?


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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    Carl, thanks for the post. The only real reason I didnt think it might be bookmark is because it seems too nice for such a trivial item and there are tassles on both ends which most of the ones I recall seeing (modern ones that is) have tassles on one end. But on the other hand I think bookmarkers can be a personal item to some folks,so I'm just not sure. Just can't think of anything else it might be.

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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    I'm sure that i've seen something similar, but longer, that was used as part of the robes for a vicar

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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    Could it be a bookmark for a special copy of Mein kampf???

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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    It looks like some sort of ceremony sash, although a little small. To hang from a belt maybe, or to a funeral wreath? It seems to have been knotted in the middle at sometime.

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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    Without any provenance, there is no reason to deduct that this is something from the 3rd Reich. The swastika has been used in many cultures for over a thousand years.


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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    To touch on what Mr. Coleman said,
    Swastikas have been used by many cultures including Native Americans in the western part of the United States (Arizona,etc) for a long time. There are tons of the things just painted, woven into things etc because before the third reich adapted it or rather the N.S.D.A.P it was a symbol of good luck and if I recall there was even a few planes from the great war that had them painted them on them. This piece actually looks like a peace belt, except not beaded like they usually are. Tons of items were made by both peoples (Germans and Native Americans) that bore the symbol and to determine whether it came from either it might take a while longer. It is hard to be sure without any tags etc. But I'm going to guess it's a sash or belt of some kind as other members have stated.

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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    it looks like a section of trim from a vehicle pennant.

    similar to this one:

    Anybody know what this is?

    in fact, i think it's exactly this. i think you have there, a section of border from a Kriegsmarine vehicle pennant.

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    Default Re: Anybody know what this is?

    wow, I appreciate all the feedback guys. The only thing more I can say about this item is I acquired from my old boss when he was selling his whole collection of ww2 stuff, didnt ask him about this in particular at time to get story but just assumed it was ww2 because all the other items were. Boy I think tempelhof nailed it pretty close with that pic. Thats the only picture evidence I ve found with anything similar at all in it. Thats a heck of a good find out of obscurity tempelhof, others agree it looks similar? would love to see the ends of the pennant in picture to see if the tassel ends match as well. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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