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Big Hitler's bust

Article about: Hi all..ižll appreciate your opinion on this big Hitler's bust (35 x 20 cm) marked W. Wolff 33 and Guss. M. Sperlich, i see some bubbles up to the eyes

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    I actually opted to keep the bust for now --- been back and forth with a few potential buyers but found I'd rather keep this rare item in my collection at this point. Thanks for the comments and interest though.

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    Quote by slados28 View Post
    I actually opted to keep the bust for now --- been back and forth with a few potential buyers but found I'd rather keep this rare item in my collection at this point. Thanks for the comments and interest though.
    You would be well served in getting yourself a base made for the piece and drilled for a metric rod and nut. Should you decide to sell in the future it helps to have at least a replacement base as a buyer does not want to be bothered even if he has access to the service, and then he will probably have to walk a Hitler head into a store and wonder what the reaction will be. Correct measurement for that bust is 8x8x4 and you want to be subtle. Might cost you 100 Euro or so. ;@)

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually long since located someone that would make me a replacement 8x8x4 base, with holes drilled and everything... this was actually my intention prior to eventually listing for sale but the high shipping charge in relation to price of the actual base prevented me from going through with it--- it is still on the "to do" list

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    They are back breakers and a bear to ship. It's almost better to have a replacement base in case it breaks but the proper way is to split the packages or you end up with a gigantic 90 pound box. I just carried one down my stairs and I'm panting on my couch under the Ceiling fan.

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    Yeah, it could get pretty heavy If you have an online source for marble bases please let me know --- in case I could save some on either the base or shipping.

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    This has been an interesting thread...Whenever I see these over-sized Hitlers I can't help but remember the big one behind Freisler...
    I can fully understand how such pieces present their own unique dilemmas for the buyer/collector...
    cheers, Glenn
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    Talking about larger than life size Hitler busts... this one by Emil Hub is probably the biggest I have seen out of the ones that actually survived the war, de-nazification process and the ages in general. This one is held at Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

    Big Hitler's bust

    I reckon I could probably fit it on my veranda--- might have to do some reinforcing beforehand though ---

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    Not to be a stick in the mud Mr. Coleman, But as collectors and usually relying on moderators.. I usually find some saying "Why" is it a fake.. "Explain" or show examples to de-bunk or give credo to such an item.. Why didn't you ??
    How can we learn to differenciate with "Good" "Period piece" or "Great" without a reason or a period example for comparison ??
    Do we learn by taking a "Word" for it or by viewing known and exacting examples.. ??? Yours kindly.. Gwar
    Attached Images Attached Images Big Hitler's bust Big Hitler's bust Big Hitler's bust Big Hitler's bust 
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    I'm all for the discussion but I'm not at all sure what you're pointing out in some of those photos ---- please elaborate. I'll try anyway:

    -The small pockmarks you see are due to poor storage for some period of time, it has then obviously been cleaned which has removed some of the patina and made some features a bit softer. The photos were taken in bright sunlight so they really seem to accentuate its slight condition flaws. As already noted these busts are rare so detailed photos of other examples might be somewhat harder to find --- I know Kris of thirdreicharts had one up earlier though and I also saw one in another collection over on WAF

    - Foundry markings etc. seem to vary slightly on most of the good examples I have personally seen, so no point in comparing side by side. All detail is there... don't really know what else to say.

    And I must add; there's really nothing to "debunk" here --- the OP has relayed to me that he has already been more than satisfied as to his initial concerns and, again, it has been reviewed by other people that have handled one of these rare busts before and been OK'd. I understand the "wanting to learn" thing but in some areas it seems words come up lacking when trying to actually explain why this and that is a good example etc. After having looked at lots of these big busts myself it's simply clear to me that this one's genuine and not a "recast" of any sort, something which has also by now been confirmed by several experienced collectors within this area.

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    No, Slados28.. I am here to understand the construction methods and to enhance others that might be looking to add such a piece to their collection.. We need to understand and base further purchases on known examples like yours.. I don't think it is bad at all !! We need to further investigate what is good with it in order to learn good from "Fake".. My question was.. Do we rely on "Good" "Great" or "Original Example" without any other specimen to compare it to... And "Why" it's good.. No explaination other than "Period Example" You've created a very nice and interesting thread that shall IMO be read again and again !! G-man
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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