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BIG Nazi Steel Key????

Article about: Thanks for that link odal... Gwar

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    Not sure for a clock but it seems thise key did wind up some members here!
    btw I am in favor for the honour key hypothesis.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Circuit advertisement BIG Nazi Steel Key????
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    Well this thread certainly took off while I was absent lol....

    I like the honour key theory. I would really like to handle that thing to get a closer look.

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    If not a honour key,my bet would be its the key to the sh*t-house at the Göring residency

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    Quote by youthcollector1 View Post
    Everybody liked this too on the merit of "it looking well produced" until it was proven fake. Hints my reservation.
    Not 'everybody' old bean....*Cough*.
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    Quote by inka View Post
    If not a honour key,my bet would be its the key to the sh*t-house at the Göring residency
    Or the ignition key to the Bismarck.

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    Hitlers front door?
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    Or the key to my heart!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Quote by ajax3985 View Post
    Not really, look at the color of the shaft. That is a hardened steel shaft, its not going to scratch against a lock mechanism manufactured of lighter grade material. The bolt would be iron or steel but your not going to see wear to the shaft. There is no coating, that's cast iron and its just black. If the piece were ceremonial you would not need the hardened steel shaft, you would not need the shaft if it were a movie prop either. Its designed to open a lock and its not going to show wear anywhere, not by hand on the iron and not by the softer components of the internal lock. Every ceremonial key through the ages is done differently than this, they are not meant to withstand use and are manufactured of all kinds of materials some more ornate than others. That is not a ceremonial key, it opened a gate or a door and that is exactly what it is built for.
    As a former metal worker I wonder how you can tell that the shaft is hardened steel, as I doubt I could tell the difference between mild steel and hardened steel from the pictures? I also think that even if it was hardened steel it would still show signs of wear if it had been used.

    An interesting item, but I think we are unlikely to reach a conclusion about this object unless some period documentation can be found to support such items being from the period. All this thread is capable of producing is a lot of theories based on the posters own personal experience but the truth is no one knows about this except what the thread starter has stated, its been in his family for more than 30 years and it was purchased in Seattle.

    It certainly looks fairly well made, but not high grade and looks to be made to look like a functional key rather than the TR equivalent of the coming of age keys you see in the UK for those reaching their 21st birthday, but that does not mean it is actually a functional object. Fakers do after all look at all the possible questions that might be asked and not all of them are thick as two planks, though thankfully many of them are, but so are some of their customers.

    Unless some firm evidence can be shown, it might be best if no more speculation is posted and certainly some members need to calm down, as all are entitled to post opinions and with any item that falls into an unknown category such as this the obvious jokey comments were certainly expected to be posted and also as the thread starter himself expected it would be called 4th Reich fantasy, so if he was not pissed by such comments I don't see why other members feel the need to take exception to such comments.

    PS, I would have gone for the keys to Eva's chastity belt if that had not already been posted.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Maybe for this??
    BIG Nazi Steel Key????

    But it does resemble a medieval strongbox key, and would be in keeping with Teutonic traditions embraced by the nutzis

    BIG Nazi Steel Key????

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    Actually,I heard that a reliable source,(unknown) said he heard a rumor(unproven) that this is the key to the gate of...Wolkenkuckucksheim....believe it or not.

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