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The birds of all birds...

Article about: Does anyone know what happend to this bird? Cheers, Fabe

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    Default The birds of all birds...

    Does anyone know what happend to this bird?


    The birds of all birds...

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    Don't know for sure but I think it is a racing certainty to have been comprehensively smashed when the new tennants moved in!!

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    That photo is of Hitler declaring war against the United States on the 11th of December 1941 (not one of his better tactical moves) in the Reichstag. So it's a good bet that if it wasn't bombed to $*** by the time the Russians got there, it didn't last much longer is my betting.
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    Part of a land fill somewhere in Germany.

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    This is inside the Kroll Opera House which was used after the Reichstag Fire...I believe it was bombed out later in the war...I recall a Thread on the same subject a while back...

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    The building was partially destroyed in an air raid in November 1943, with further damage done when it was stormed by the Red Army on 30th April 1945.

    I don't know whether the eagle was destroyed during one of these events or survived until VE Day, but, as Ned said, if it did, it was history very shortly thereafter and would have been dismantled, destroyed and disposed of.

    (After all, it was a little bit too large for even the most ambitious souvenir-seeking allied soldier to take home and hang over his fireplace.)

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    My betting is it was destroyed during the RAF raid on the 22 Nov 1943!....
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    I read that the entire site was demolished & cleared in 1951 and today all there is to see is a lawn and a memorial plaque...
    cheers, Glenn

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    The lawn where was the palace of the people before 1989?
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