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Bismarck Wood Crafter Replica (BY German POW)

Article about: My Grandfather was a prison guard in Ontario Canada. He obtained a wood, hand crafted replica of the Bismarck. It is in very good shape and my father is looking for value in it, and whether

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    Well ive been modelling for 47yrs and although i could make a model out of wood and have done so before, only on subjects that i know about and can get something that looks halfway decent, anything else i would need some reference material to work from which might not have been available in a pow camp, and to make a caricature of anything you need to have a reasonably good idea as to what it looks like in real life to begin with and i would think that if these men were soldiers they wouldnt have paid much interest in shipping, let alone how a superstructure from a battleship looks, take another look at the pictures from the top view , the anti aircraft decks for example, how many soldiers would know the configuration and the 4 gun emplacements , although this isnt a 100% depiction of the real thing its a good attempt, i know that i couldnt even start on something like this without some background to work from, ask me to make a Tiger from wood or a Sherman, or most aircraft from WW2, and i can get a pretty good looking model but its because i have a reasonable knowledge of the subject, but not boats , ships etc, although ive built them in the past with instructions, i couldnt do what they did

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    Hello: For those interested, the Canadian Government has recently honoured the WW-II German POW camps in Canada with historic event status. Neys Camp #100 was selected to represent all the 26 camps and bush camps across Canada. The plaque unveiling ceremony date has not as yet been announced but might be either later this summer or in 2013.

    I would very much like to be in contact with former Veterans Guard of Canada families and others interested as I am maintaining an email listing to inform people of developments. Any former German POWs or their families would be most welcome.

    As the nominator on record this project has been underway since June 2008. I have numerous documents that I am prepared to share.


    Frank Spence, Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada.

    PS: Title for Historic Event: " the Detention of Second World War Military Prisoners of War and of Enemy Aliens Sent to Canada from Great Britain "
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