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Bring back German Watch

Article about: A friend of mine has been telling me about a watch his father brought back from the war . Well today I finally got to see it and was lucky enough to become the new caretaker of it. the watch

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    Also, it should be noted that Koch Is a very common name, and it would be extremely difficult to find the right Kochs.

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    there has been cases of collectors contacting the family's in Germany to give an item back only to get hung up on as the family's want to forget that era

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    Tailor Marc yes I've heard of that too. I've also heard about flags being returned to families in Japan with families being happy for the return of the flag and some families not wanting the flag. My thought was where is everbodys line in the sand . I think it has a lot to do with what your moral fiber is . Some guys took gold teeth and some guys took no souvenirs. Where is that thin line of war souvenir or just a plain theft.some guys in are hobby will buy anything and say to bad it's mine now. I believe it comes down to what you know is right and wrong to own . my earlier point of an SS dagger I bet many SS soldiers had more Pride for the daggers than any watch they ever owned. And would have liked to pass that dagger on to a family member. I believe it's also the same with the Japanese soldier who would write their names on their swords before they turn them in hoping that someday that's where we'll be brought back to their family. I have seen where people have tried to return Japanese swords but I've never seen anybody ever try to return a SS dagger.

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