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Christmas balls!

Article about: ok boss p.s phil ty says Huh, these are sold pretty commonly here in America. We have those Neo-nazi's here that make them year round :0 could these be repro? i think they look good and a ol

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    like packin 9 said its amazing how something so delicate has survived the years so well.i have to replace mine every year with my 4 monkeys running around the place lol.never seen anything like it cant wait to see them on ure tree sergei wow

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    I have to get some of those!!!!

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    Hans Klocker

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    Quote by sergei11s View Post
    Hi ! Thank you! Can you tell me the approximate price ?
    First off, I dont like to claim I know prices as prices change-and fast.

    I did not pay a fair market price...I wanted them so I paid a higher price, and am happy with that.

    When I got them, I had never seen any offered before and I was willing to pay more than I would pay if I was only looking for a fair market value deal.

    So what I paid is not what the other collector's will pay. Now as I notice they are starting to come out of the woodwork i had some more offered to me, I would say PhilBrown's 100 pounds is roughly safe.

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    I've seen the similar last year in Germany WBK Messe for 40 eur each

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Thank you!

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    Hi ,adlerfan53 ! Thank you!

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    Never seen anything like that too , i never thought they had these balls and still not broken.

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    Huh, these are sold pretty commonly here in America. We have those Neo-nazi's here that make them year round :0

    I'll make things easy for you and take them off of your hands $100 for the lot

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    these would set off any small crimbo tree in your 'war room' at christmas time a cool genuine novlty amazing id half with you phil

    p.s owner are these for sale or sold???

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