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Classic Cars of the Third Reich - Where are they now ?

Article about: What ever happened to those really cool looking and ritzy cars of the rich and famous..or the unsavory personalities of this period ? How many of them survived the bombings..or were found in

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    Default Classic Cars of the Third Reich - Where are they now ?

    What ever happened to those really cool looking and ritzy cars of the rich and famous..or the unsavory personalities of this period ?

    How many of them survived the bombings..or were found in storage and safe havens and where are they now?

    Does anyone know? Photos of these vehicles of then and now or something similar would be appreciated.

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    I suppose a lot were pressed into service by the Allies - ferrying around generals etc.... during, after the war and in the occupation. Then probably scrapped along with all the other war detritus ( except for the big cars of the famous .... Goering, Hitler etc... )
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    Which made their way back to museums etc...
    Goering, Gobbels & Bormanns are in Moscow

    Göring, Göbbels and Bormann's cars in Moscow

    and Hitlers car ( one of the dozens of them he is reported to have used ) is in California.

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    Great question Rosie and I can see already that this is going to be a great thread. I too am curious of the where abouts of these cars..including Himmlers car license plate SS 1 .

    Regards Larry
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    MAP is online now


    Not sure where this car of Hitler resides but it's in some museum

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    I remember seeing a Mercedes that was supposed to be one of Hitler's cars back in the 70's. It was on display at a local mall in Greenville, SC. They had it behind some partitions and you had to pay to see it. One thing I remember about it was the black DD SS helmet and MP40 on the passenger front seat.

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    "The last known transaction was done in Nov 2009 and this car went from Bielefeld (in western Germany) to Moscow.

    Hitler's favorite limo was a dark blue Mercedes 770K. It was located recently by Dusseldorf-based, rare and vintage auto broker, Michael Froelich and purchased by a Russian billionaire.

    "The Mercedes sales register shows this 770K [Grosser Series II W150 Cabriolet] model was ordered for the Fuehrer and Chancellor of the Reich in 1935," Froelich told Reuters.

    Only 88 of the 1935 model were produced and this specific vehicle has all of the modifications Hitler required, including, "a body made of 18mm-gauge steel, with 4cm thick windows," according to

    At the time, the car was state of the art. According to Froelich, "it was the best car in the world at the time. Better than the Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls Royce or whatever. It was his favorite car: the one he used most often, which he used for parades."

    A middleman for an anonymous Russian billionaire asked Froehlich to track down Hitler's dark-blue 770 K model Mercedes Benz. He learned that Adolf Hitler's original Mercedes was in Austria at the end of World War II, it was later moved to the Classic Car Museum in Las Vegas, and then ended up in the hands of a Bavarian beer baron in Germany.

    After the magnate's death in 2008, his widow decided to sell the iconic car and so it came to be in the hands of a private collector in Bielefeld (in western Germany).

    The Russian buyer arrived in Germany on a private jet to seal the deal and bought it from the private owner for between $6 and $15 million. It is reported that the Russian buyer has taken the Mercedes to Moscow.
    Although the final purchse price is unknown the value of the vehicle has been estimated variously between four and 10 million euros ($6-15 million USD), according to the BBC."

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    Regards, Ned.
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    I believe one of Hitler cars is in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa , there was talk of selling it some years ago and using the money for upgrading the museum . I believe they decided against this . Sorry I don't have any photos .
    Cheers Chris

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    One of Hitler's other Mercedes cars is in the Kevin Wheatcroft collection, and the Horch Kubelwagen that is claimed to have been Himmler's is currently offered for sale in Germany.

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    The Car at the Canadian War Museum was supposed to be Gorings. I remember seeing it years ago.

    Dean O

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    I believe one of the Mercedes with dual rear wheels is in a Museum in Germany near Schweinfurt (?) If I recall it was converted to a firetruck after the war and used in Czechoslovakia but has now been totally restored
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