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Eagle Question..

Article about: I have one of the Black Metal Eagles,and I was wanting to ask a couple of questions about it.Right now I don't have a way to get Pics of it up,I need to get a new Camera.But this is a Pictur

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    Default Eagle Question..

    I have one of the Black Metal Eagles,and I was wanting to ask a couple of questions about it.Right now I don't have a way to get Pics of it up,I need to get a new Camera.But this is a Picture of what it looks like,and for right now I'm just wanting to know what it was used for.The ones I've seen Pics of have the hollow type back that a stand can be fixed to it,and mine has a smooth back.And also mine is really Heavy for it's size,I can tell it's not made with cheap Metal.I read that these were used to hold down Newspapers at Newsstands,and that would make sense due to it's weight & with it's smooth back not having any way of hanging it..And where I got was from a Friend of mine who knows I Collect German WWII Items,and he told me that he got it from one of his Friends who said it belonged to his Grandpa.But I don't know the Guy so all I can go by is what my Friend said.And since it was Free I'm not complaining either way,but I'd like to know what it was used for.And then when I get some Pics I'd like to know if it's real...So as quick as I can I'll get some Pics up of what mine looks like....

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    Never seen a period one of this pattern with plain/smooth back.
    But new made cast fakes are a lot around.


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    So are you asking if authentic without seeing the item first ?

    As odal said , many repros around of these eagles .

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    Looks painted/ sprayed with black metalic colour
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    The one in the Pic I put up is indeed a Fake,I just found that Pic on a Site selling Reproductions.I wanted to put up a Pic to show what mine looked like..And for now I was just wondering if they even made a smooth back Eagle,and as soon as I can I'll get Pics of mine up to get opinions on whether it's real...Did they make these to put on Newspapers to keep them from blowing away? I remember reading that somewhere.And it seems like it would feel light & be made out of some type of cheaper style of Metal if it was faked,I wouldn't think they would be made out of a heavy high grade Metal.I think it's made out of a solid piece of Steel,and I'd say it weighs a good 6 or 7 lbs.It makes that solid Steel sound when you tap on it...

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    This is a reproduction piece, an attempt to copy the early pattern SA desk eagle. The original examples had a stand on the reverse. They are not wall eagles as some believe.

    Below, earlier threads that address period examples:

    Wall Eagle or Veichle ?

    german eagle (contains image of original piece complete with stand)
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    Still would like to see some pictures .

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    looks like a fake,but still want to see more .............

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    Please note my edit to the opening post.

    Also read the attached link which is posted at the top of every section of the forum.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thanks Guys,and I'll get some Pics up as quick as I can.But for me though the weight & quality of the Metal makes me think about it being Fake,it seems like the Fakes would be made out of a lighter lower quality cheaper metal & they would have the cut out back like the others in the Links.Like I said mine seems to be made of real steel.And I'm sorry for the Pic hosting thing,I'll do it right next time.

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